Thursday, July 31, 2008

day 64- hanging in there

so the word is out. the whole economic stimulus thing worked... a little. not as much as was originally hoped, but still we are not plummeting into recession as was originally feared.

no, we are just slipping slower. the underlying issues of out economic plight are still hanging over our heads. the housing and banking crisis are still hanging over our heads. we are still seeing high energy prices and with it higher a higher cost of goods. corporations are still posting losses...

the money was out there, but it just did not do the job that they had hoped for. i have read that a cash in hand stimulus package is a crap shoot. i thought this from the beginning and i think now we are seeing it. things are looking ok now though. it seems that at the very least the alarmist news stories about the economy have slowed. this i think will improve at least the average person's mind on the economy. or maybe not..

till then i got these hangers... since i have no closet i have to hang my clothes somewhere. that somewhere will be the back of my bedroom door. with the door open to the living area no one will see them. i will call this area my closet. after living here at the pitt for 5 years i though it was time. at a buck40 i should be able to hang more than a few shirts on these hangers, and with the quitting smoking coming up they won't smell like smoke directly after i wash them.

wrapping up
497.08 at the start
a buck40 spent
the kitty stands at 2.28

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much

you can't stop me.

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