Thursday, July 10, 2008

day 43- what did you say? oh.. it's time to clean out the ears

i never seem to have these things around. i buy them... they run out, and i forget to buy some more. it's a good thing most people keep them out in gandy little dispensers in their bathrooms.

that's right i'm not just using your facilities when i come over. i might be cleaning my ears too.

q-tips are one of the most versatile hygiene products ever created in my opinion. not only do they clean up the yuck from the ears better than anything else ever invented, but they are good for detail cleaning of just about any small area around the house. absolute genius.

only problem with them. they should not be placed inside the ear.
it's dangerous to do so.
it could result in severe injury
or death.

"huh? sorry, i didn't hear that. you see my ears are all clogged and if it was safe to use a cotton swab in my ear i wouldn't have this nasty wax blocking up the works. i'm afraid to put the cotton swab in my ear because the label says it's dangerous." says scary guy wearing the tin foil hat.

that's right.. check the label. those things are dangerous. killers.

i am sure a few people over the years have died, or been seriously injured using a q-tip, but i don't think it's that dangerous. these things have been around for almost 90 years.
when was the last time you heard of a bathroom q-tip incident?

if you are afraid of the q-tip then there is always the candle wax remover. to me that is a little scary, and gross.

after i clean my ears i am going to do some detail cleaning of my remote controls and computer peripherals. many of them are getting a bit gritty. i think it's time.

for a buck83 i can use a whole bunch of them and make one of those monster faces in the mirror... just like lane in better off dead. ok not just like him.. i am sure he was using "real" "q-tips". not some store brand, but as you know a buck64 only goes so far.

i also look forward to the good feeling i get when i clean my ears.

you know you like it too.
wrapping up
531.88 at the start
a buck83 spent
the kitty stands at 57cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me.


Michelle McGee said...

Oh no, where are you?

the bfs said...

internet problems in the sticks have caused me to have a bit of an issue.. sorry for the delay. i'm back and have taken the proper precautions against this happening again...

thanks for the support.

spread me around. i'm good for it.