Sunday, July 13, 2008

day 46- pocket energy.

ok.. this is the last back post from the lack of internets.. i hope to not have to many more of these over the next 320 days of the mission.
what happened?
the jersey house has no internets. no phone in fact. we use our cells, and for the past few years i have been using my cell phone as a modem for dave's old clunker of a computer.
the idea of dial up internet via a cell phone is awesome. awesome until you get a new phone and a new service plan only to discover that the phone as modem is not available.
the phone: the instinct
the info on the phone show that phone as a modem is an option.
me looking at the plan carefully after almost a month shows that it is not available to me.
my bust.
i thought simply everything meant ... well.. everything.
the whole shebam. not so. the phone's modem has been disabled.
i will however figure out a hack to make it work.
i always do.
i like this phone i can do lots of cool things with it. i have not been able to blog with it yet as i cannot hit the publish button on the browser, but opera mini will work it all out for me in a bit.
i hope.
ok. it does seem to work.. for now. just downloaded it, and while it it seemd to work, i will have to see how well it works.
ok .. it just crashed.. there in the time you read... sometimes failure only take a few seconds.
my intention with buying the instinct was to be able to blog from my phone. this way i could buck64aday from anywhere. it can be a bit stressful to blog everyday as the lady will tell you. i am a busy guy, but i am commited to the mission and everyday it will be. doing it from my phone would give me some more freedom and not be tied to the computer for 20 minutes a day.
i am dedicated to the mission, but it's a challenge.
hopefully sprint will get it's act together so i will actually be able to hit the publish button on the blogger screen and get the blog updated. until then i am taking newman's laptop out to new jersey and i will just suck off whatever wireless router i can find out there.
there are a couple. so long as i am in the front room i should be ok.
today's purchase? the cliff bar. mini energy/nutrition in a "tasty" form. is it tasty? well not really, but it does give you a bit of a boost when you are down. i am going to save it for later this week when i am moving rocks to build a new rock garden for the stugan's backyard..
or maybe i will take it out to the "hunting" area and use it as a snack while i sit in one of the many deer blinds in the woods to take pictures of the wildlife. no i am not going hunting, but there are lots of deer, coyote, raccoons and bears in the wilds of new jersey that i would like to get shots of.
camera shots. we will see what i can come up with.
at a buck61 the cliff bar will keep me from getting to hungry while i wait.
will me smoking cigarettes in boredom keep the animals away?
i'll have to see
wrapping up
526.74 at the start
a buck61 spent
the kitty stands at 57cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me.


Jeff Kelley said...

I love the blog so far, and I'm hoping to see it go all the way until the bitter end. What are you planning on doing with the extra cash you have at the end if your $600 isn't spent exactly?

the bfs said...

the remainder will either be spent on day 366 or maybe all spent on day 365.. we will have to see.

thanks for the support. spread me around. i'm good for it.

319 days to go.

Michelle McGee said...

I spread ya, all set...

Kitty's getting a little high.