Thursday, July 17, 2008

day 50-playing a ball of string

so i'm still sick and i don't really feel like going to the pool. which is a shame cuz it is so nice there.

not so nice when you are sick though. i slept a lot today. probably to much, but when i got up i went out and found this ball of string for a buck61. i can use it to tie up the lilies that are growing in the garden and then bring it back to the city to be used in any way i can find.

you always need string.

don't ever forget that.

smallville season six is not that good. i have not ever watched any of the previous seasons, but i figured since i am all versed in the comic book world i could pick it up and maybe enjoy it.

it's kind of drama-ee. i keep wondering why clark has not reached his full superman potential. he always seems to be getting hurt and i think pretty much everyone knows about his secret by now. if they don't, i think they will figure it out by the end of the season

still bein sick means that i am not much into the blogging, but i think you all will think that it's ok.

it's hard to think when your head is full of snot and the wb.

very hard.

wrapping up
519.39 at the start
a buck61 spent
the kitty stands at a buck39

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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