Monday, July 7, 2008

day 40- 40 days and nights of dim sum

it's day 40. for some reason today this feels like a milestone. i am not sure why, but it does. most of the checks are out there. the people are spending their free government cash and it seems like the news stories are cooling down on the whole subject.

sorry you late rebate receivers, you might be assed out. no local news interviews for you. if congress gets another rebate passed then you might get another chance, but with congress basically drawing to a close for their summer break and the election coming up i don't really see it happening. it might though.

it just might.

then again most of them will be the suffering from lame duck syndrome...
right when we the american people need them. need them to do something. anything.

in my book, people will remember what you did last month in congress more than what you did 2 years ago. it's time to take a stand for what's right, and what's right in my opinion is if they all cut their vacations short to show their support for the american people and the issues that are in front of us. not what is appealing for an election year.

a faltering economy, crazy gas prices, environmental issues and of course.. don't forget there are a few wars on.

they will be making their big push and those who are up for re-election will be out there strutting their stuff for us though. that will be entertaining.

a congressional peacock dance.

dancing around the easy issues. issues i think they leave for the end of the year. when we are all watching.

the possibility of a second stimulus, if it ever really gets out of the gates will be big in the news. obama is all for it. mccain, not so much. the extension of unemployment benefits that were extended last month will, i think really be chump change for those who are having a tough time finding work. with the slowdown in progress those jobs are not making themselves.

the dems might be able to pull a second cash stimulus out of their hat. after all it's an election year and no one wants to say no to the handing out of free cash around then. if the republicans want to keep any standing on the hill i think they might just have to buckle. it would just be a shame if it was used by any incumbent to hang on to his or her seat.

for those of you out there who would encourage this second stimulus, just remember. though we get this cash, and maybe in time to make an otherwise dismal christmas better, the cash in the end is not going to make things better.

oh.. and someone is going to get rich off it. these things are paid for with bonds and loans you know.

enough about that what about the buck64 for today?

today's purchase is a trivet/steamer stand. my mini steamer had some issues with the pot i was using as the water well. the steamer kept slipping down into the water.

now for a buck75 i will be able to keep that steamer level and not have it slip into the water, expand and get locked in till it dries and i can pry it out.. i think i am all equipped for the dim sum. now i just have to find some cheap stuff to steam up.

mr. asian grocer.

here i come

wrapping up.
536.21 at the start
a buck75 spent
the kitty stands at 6cent

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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