Saturday, July 26, 2008

day 58- keeping salt for the livingroom

it's been a lazy day. i have not gotten much done besides unwind from a super stressful work week.

today i went looking for something to pick up and then there it was. a sea salt grinder. the lady likes salt on her food. a lot of salt sometimes. i usually bring a bowl of the kosher stuff up to the eating area for her when we are eating. with this little grinder i can keep it right there on the bookshelf with the other random crap and not have to think about running back down to get some salt.

salt is some exciting stuff. you probably take it for granted, i know i do, but it really is vital to our lives. no salt in your diet? well your not going to live that long. how else will you retain any water?

we look today at oil at the great commodity, but if we go back 8,000 years we find it to be quite the commercial operation in china. there was even a war fought over it in the later 19th century. we have been digging it out of anywhere we can find it as well as drying up as much salt water to give us more. if ever there was a never unending resource on the planet it would be salt. if for some reason tomorrow there was no refrigeration then salt would be our guy. how else will we preserve anything?

personally i love the stuff... in moderation of course, but without it my food just does not taste the same without a little sodium chloride. in terms of the most sensible buck64aday purchase ever? i am rating this up there at the top.

if you are just one of those table salt people i highly recommend the many kosher salt varieties out there. it just makes everything taste better. saltiness is our "first" taste. it's crucial. you might as well make it a good taste.

if you are feeling really adventurous then go for the many varieties of fancy sea salt. they come in all sorts of flavors and colors. the stuff is damn good.

just remember to not forget the salt. it's been around a long time. give it it's due.

wrapping up

507bucks at the start

a buck84 spent

the kitty stands at 28cent

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck92

i can spend that much

you can't stop me

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