Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 55- it's miller time. high life that is.

sometimes when i am getting home the only thing i want is a cup of coffee or a scotch. today i was thinking beer. ever thought that way? just want to get home from work and have yourself a beer?
sure you have. (unless your under 21 then of course you would not even think about one)

lucky for me, pitt street is a good place to get a cheap beer. i mean really cheap. situated right across from the pj's we have three cheap bodega's running from decent to "don't even think about buying any food from there". just look for the rodent scat and then you will know. one thing the cascading tiers of bodegas do have is some cheap beer.

and why shouldn't they.

all day from about 11am till 8pm the "boys" are holding court. all hanging out on the pitt sippin' on some brews; enjoying the best parts of the day while they hoot at the ladies as they walk and sayin' their hellos to everyone they know. there are about 10 or 12 regulars that you might see everyday. being one block from the police precinct you would think that this would not happen,but the cops don't bother them unless someone passes out and they don't bother anyone but themselves. that would mess up the vibe.

when your out there working the street for 7 to 8 hours a day hanging out with your friends you need some inexpensive beverages. cheap is the word. 40's for a buck50. single cans for 75cent. the liquor store has some dollar shots for when you might feel a little burned out on the beer and malt beverages. it's all about variety. that's what keeps them there. that is what brings them back. everday.
the beer i purchased today was a whopping buck25. i could have stepped up in class and spent a buck75 on something more refined but hey, i like my highlife. it's the champagne of beers.

my uncle gunnar drank nothing but the high life and i can see why. it's light but it still has a good taste. it will get you buzzed just like any other beer, but would you want any other beer when you could be livin' "the high life"? really, why would you.
at family parties the high life was off limits till uncle gunnar would go to bed, then we could have his beer. when i think back i think we really wanted to drink it because it was not allowed and as he would go to bed really late, we often we not able to partake in the highlife. nowadays though we keep some at the stugan at all times. we toast him often when cracking open a can.
the guys on the street don't seem to be drinking to much of the high life. i think they have not yet caught on. a couple of weeks ago were some scantily clad ladies all dressed up in silver for coors lite and they all went crazy for that.
i mean "walk across the street to avoid the " crazy.
the woman on the moon, i am sure, is one hell of a good time. i just don't think the guys on the pitt are ready for her.

but then again... you never know.
wrapping up
511.93 at the start
a buck25 spent
the kitty stands at 88cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me

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