Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 56- torrential downpours, late movies but fresh breath

have you seen the dark knight yet? wow. that was intense... and long. i always go see these comic book movies with a good friend from my youth. we always head out to the new comic book movie with the expectation that is is going to suck. five years ago, that was usually the case.

nowadays things are looking up. the movie companies really seem to care about making a comic book movie that is true to the comic, not just a movie to make money.

go figure.. now they make a bunch of cash. to bad they had not figured this out like ten years ago.. 20 years ago.

since the weather was once again forcast to be poor tonight i again did not schedule a movie on the roof. i am starting to wonder if we will ever be able to have another wednesday movie on the roof. there always seems to be few thunderstorms rolling in to wash out the fun.

instead of m.o.t.r. we finally headed out to see the dark knight down at battery park only to find out that the 10pm movie will have no air conditioning. the 10:50movie will however have the cool breezes. we switched to the cool breezes of the late movie.

one thing i did not know about the dark knight.

how long it was.

holy jesus. it was brilliant, but damn it was long.

getting out of a movie on a school night at almost 2am is beyond even my limits, but damn it was good.

heath ledger captured the essence of the joker in a way i had never imagined possible. the "real" joker from the comics is one of the most twisted characters ever created (even better when recreated by frank miller).

to see a movie and not see the actor playing the character is rare. the performance heath ledger gave went beyond any expectation i ever could have had. the whole movie did in fact.

but it was long.

not that i minded.. except for the fact that i had been up since 5am.

so go see the dark knight if you have not already.

just don't go see the late show.

today's purchase i guess now becomes more of a footnote.

to the point.

i smoke. i need to keep some breath spray around.
i got it for cheap. a buck84. it will keep my breath "seeming" fresh for at least 100-150 uses. if i manage to not lose it before it runs out it becomes quite the investment, but like chapstick, breathsprays tend to get lost in the shuffle.. the hustle.. the bustle.

i once had a tube of chapstick for 1 year. it was still good. still had some left.
a miracle that.

wrapping up.
510.68 at the start.
a buck84 spent
the kitty stands at 68cent.

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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