Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day 48- chili from a can, plus a helping hand.

well i'm back in new jersey. time for some vacation relaxation. my plans were a little delayed by the "getting out of nyc" problem. it always seems to take longer than it should.

i loaded up newman's laptop so i could have internets while i am out here in vasa park. i have found it to be very useful for the afternoon.

as a plus a few of my neighbors have not figured out how to lock up their wireless routers, so i am able to hang out in the back yard with multiple internets coursing through the old dell.

i woke up with what i thought was a slight hangover.. leftovers from the party last night, but i found that i had a bit of a sniffle building. this was made worse by the ice cold bus ride out here.

i don't want to have a cold during my vacation time so i thought i would take out some cold insurance.

this means whiskey and chili. i picked up a can of "chili" from the shop rite on my way over to the house and i will be helping it out a bit. i had 1/3rd of a pound of ground beef in the freezer from the weekend and i brought some peppers from the pitt garden. with the staples in the house i should be able to make good quick chili.

though i had purchased most of the items months ago we are looking at a pretty cheap meal.

i am getting ready to work on the "buck64aday" meals for later blogs and this is a good start.

so a buck38 for some cheap store brand chili

half red onion

one can of red kidney beans

one tablespoon of chili powder... ok 2

one espanola improved pepper(from the pitt)

one bell pepper (from the pitt)

one tomato (leftover from the weekend)

a few dashes of hot sauce

some corn chips

and some other stuff.. i have not decided.

i am looking at a good meal.

at the very least it will rip the sniffles right out of me, which is what i am hoping for. there is some serious pool time ahead of me.

and some yard construction.

coming back form the grocery store i was shocked. things seem to be getting more and more expensive. i spent 70 bucks today. while i did get a good amount of supplies i really feel like i spent way more than i should. everywhere i could i bought the bargain. i even bought store brand taylor ham. granted four slices of ham can fill a grown man for a day, but damn, food is expensive. after paying the bill i seriously thought about going back to ramen noodles.

the good kind of course.. the kind not available at the shop rite in netcong new jersey.

with wholesale inflation up 9.2 percent from last year i am not sure how i will be able to eat "fancy". at least i don't have to pay for gas right now. that would be a killer. to those of you who are out there in america feeling the brunt of all this, i salute you.

when i first noticed prices going up i thought, "ok, a dollar more for bread is alright. at least peanut butter is the same."

now they are both up a buck and if we add up all those bucks we start to realize how screwed we are. our jobs aren't paying us much more to compensate for the increase, so in the end it is us, the little people, who have to suffer.

i get the feeling people are going to be wishing they held on to those rebate checks a little bit longer. do i hear another stimulus check coming our way? i think i might.

although the fed says that they look forward to economic growth this year we are still looking at higher gas, higher food and in some places an almost 20percent increase in electricity and heating costs. that's con ed for you. the head of con ed gets paid over 5 million by the way.

i can see a tough winter ahead.

wrapping up

523.95 at the start

a buck38 spent

the kitty stands at a buck29

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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How about Captain Todd's Tuna Surpise? It's Good!