Tuesday, July 8, 2008

day 41- crankin' your ac till you're sick.

the temperature is 91 degrees with a "real feel" of 98. i usually don't pay attention to the "real feel" temp. i think the "real feel" is stupid. it's called heat index people. i think they actually jack up the "real feel" to sensationalize the weather. it keeps you coming back for the middle of the local news to see what the weather is gonna be. they give you a teaser before the drums roll and the newscast begins and tell you to "stay tuned for unaccuweatherfive" or some such.

you know what mr weatherman? it's summer. it's gonna be hot. some days are gonna be hotter than others, and if you live in the new york metropolitan area, there is gonna be at least of 20percent chance of rain from now until october.

in the summer they should save the sensationalist weather for the hurricanes or a debilitating heat wave.

nyc is not in the middle of one of those now, but it is darn uncomfortable. it's time for me to wear a short sleeve button down and leave it sort of unbuttoned while walking around the city and waiting for the train. my own personal air conditioning.

air conditioning is so choice. i highly recommend it. i know i am not being all green by swearing by it; being comfortable is one of the marks of advanced civilization, but it also brings with it the summer sniffles.

you know what i am talking about. the sniffle you get when you jack the ac up to max, go to bed and wake up all stuffy from those cool breezes.when you wake up you are genuinely cold.
cold like a february morning in minnesota.. in 1843. the fire has gone out and as there is no farming to be done so you roll over, pull those blankets around you and go back to sleep.

when and if you get the summer sniffle, it does not seem to want to go away. why? because you love your ac, and it loves you. loves you to flemmy death.

this morning i woke up cold as a mutha. while i did not have a sniffle i knew that there could be one down the road so i picked up some tissues to be ready. at a buck7 they will help me get my chilly summer mornings going with a bit of nose revelry.

am i worried about paying extra for the ac? not yet, but it seems that we are gonna see an almost 10percent increase in out power bill next year due the rising costs of fuels. time to change all your light bulbs to those fluorescent twisty bulb doo-hickeys. if you have not, then i highly suggest it. they use less power and are almost like the real thing. at the very least they don't make you look like you have the cancer like most fluorescents.

rising energy costs really should be on out minds though. if gas for the autos is rising, then our electricity is not far behind. no one wants a nuculear power plant around so we have to make do with what we have. fossil fuels. mmm fossil fuels.

luckily for us t. boone pickens has announced that he is going to front up some considerable cash to help out america and show us the way, and his way is the wind. he plans to show the u.s. that we can use windmills to provide the whole country with 20percent of our electricity. he says that if the government gets their shit together, in 10 years we could be on our way to switching over to natural gas powered vehicles and no longer be so dependent on foreign oil.

it is a good plan. it really could help us out. though i think that the person it is gonna really help is pickens. he is offering up billions to jumpstart the program and as the head of one the largest natural gas producers in america i am sure the end windfall for him will be insane.

you know what? if he wants to give this a shot and then get rich then so much the better for him. hydrogen cars are a long way off and the government's current plan of expanded fossil fuel exploration is like 20 years from having any effect.

start saving for that new natural gas-mobile. say good bye to your trunk space and hello to short distance driving. those natural gas-mobiles don't go very far you know, and there are only 1300 filling stations in the country. if you run out. your stewed.

house rep leader pelosi had a nice little solution for easing the gas price crisis for us americans. she called on bush to release of oil from the strategic oil reserve and put it on the market. at 30bucks a barrel she says it would have an effect on the prices. 40 million barrels, if put up for sale, would also amount to 4 billion bucks in revenue. this money could be used to research and implement renewable resources.

gee. great idea. it would have been nice if congress had thought about this research a decade ago. pickens, and people like him might be our only help. pickens, who also owns more water than anyone else in america might just the coming to "save" us.

really if these people are looking to get relected then they need to get their heads on straight and start thinking about the future. not the next "term". the next 20-100 years.

we use 21million barrels a day here in the u.s. selling 40million is not going to help the people. it might help fund our future, but it is just a drop in the bucket where long term oil prices are concerned. ( it will be however free gas for two days... well sort of, but not really. i think maybe the government really just wants to get in on the oil futures market.)

government, you should have allocated that money years ago.

shame on you.

wrapping up
534.46 at the start
a buck7 spent
the kitty stands at 63cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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