Tuesday, July 1, 2008

day 34- saving my coffee mugs... with crappy ashtrays

i have a slight coffee mug problem, or rather my caffeine issues lead along the path of leaving coffee mugs around. i rush around a lot, drink some coffee and then leave mugs in random places. mostly they head to the roof these days. i am a bit slack in collecting them and doing the washing. if they stay up on the roof for a couple of days they seem to inevitably become ashtrays.

dirty, nasty brown water filled cups of nicotine, ash and the hint of menthol. throw in about 30 empties on the table and you have what we call "sunday" here at the pitt.

when you have a nice habitable roof deck like we do in the lower east side it becomes the before the bar meeting place or "after party" central. my neighbors and roomates really keep it pumping. i hope that with these strategically placed cheap ashtrays i can keep my coffee mugs from the horror that is saturday night. at a buck08 they might do.. or they will become items launched on the wind by some "australian idol" winner.

around here you never know.

i like my coffee mugs. i really do. they have cheesy slogans on them... found like treasure at second hand stores and garage sales.

they have cool things on them like-
"cooter's garage", "i'd rather be having a beer", "living with a swede builds character" and the newest addition "moonshine" (which features a unch of cartooney people mooning you on the mug). ok they are cool to me.

i wish nyc had more to offer in the odd coffee mugs section. i have lots of money to spend on them something like 540 dollars left for the year. anyone out there want to help?

speaking of coffee... starbucks is closing a bunch of shops. 600 of the poor peformers. this might put 1200 people out of a job, though they say they are going to place the workers in other stores. it seems that most of the stores closing are ones that are recently opened stores of poor or no profitability. a majority of them being located near an existing starbucks.

sorry people. those "secret" starbucks you used to go to will now be closed and you have to get in line with the rest of the schlubs.

does this mean they will close one of the starbucks at astor place in nyc? i don't know. if you don't know what i am talking about, then here is a description.

nyc... east village... astor place... there is a starbucks across from a starbucks. ok... they are separated by two avenues, but these avenues are really close together. you can walk from 3rd avenue and st. marks walk west and pass two starbucks in about 1 and a half minutes of walking. this includes the light change.

one is on 7th and lafayette. that would be cooper union. the other on third and st. marks. that would be astor place.

one is good for people watching and a dirty bathroom.

the other is good for people watching when its warm, as you can sit outside and breathe in the incense from the street vendors, listening to the rats scurry about in the the underbrush.

they like the madelines.

i doubt they are going to close either of these stores as they seem to be fairly profitable and are a mainstay of the east village/nyu neighborhood, but it would be nice to tell someone you are going to meet in front of the starbucks at astor place and actually know which one you are meeting in front of.

till then, tell people to meet you at the cube.

i've been getting a lot of traffic recently here at a buck64aday. for me this is a good thing. i really want to get this story out there and i hope you all are enjoying it. i did buy the dotcom for this on a whim so don't be surprised if i move on over to a real web page. right now its a redirect so if you type in http://www.buck64aday.com/ you will just come back here.

try it.. it's like a moebius loop

i really do intend to see this through to the end. it's important to me and i hope it is becoming important to you.

i have been told that my blogging is a bit long, but i keep seeing all these people read the whole thing. some people do it in one sitting. to those people i thank you for your time and to everyone, i hope i am entertaining enough on day 245 for you.

i also hope the economy rights itself by then... then again maybe not. after all this is a bit of a sardonic blog pointed at the "effects of an economic stimulus on a world superpower".

for now it seems the stimulus is working a bit.

in the end we will see.

wrapping up
545.14 at the start
1.08 spent
the kitty stands at 89cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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Anonymous said...

Where I live, no Starbucks. I hate to see them close so many but everybody sells coffee. We have at least 6 places that call themselves coffee shops, with a population of about 15,000.
I make my own coffee. Thanks for blogging about your stimulus check. I am living vicariously as I did not get a stimulus check, or rather, the government took mine, in its entirety, to pay on my student loan, even though I pay them faithfully every month.