Monday, June 30, 2008

day 33- flossin with the swine

mmm pork sung. ever had it? love this stuff. when i go get some dim sum from dim sum go go down in china town, it is always there on the side. i pretty much eat it all up before the waiter brings the real meal.

granted if you are a bit timid around pork that has been cooked like 18 times and when dry kind of looks like meat cotton candy, then you might want to abstain, but for my money (which of course is not a lot) i will totally go for this stuff.

spend a buck49 at your asian grocer. mix it up with a bit of spicy sesame oil and you have a tasty snack or a nice condiment to your home steamed dumplings. i have also thought about using it as a pork chewing gum. if you put a lot in your mouth. you can chew it for hours.

there is nothing like a meat product that last forever out of the fridge after its been opened.


we used the bamboo steamer i picked up last week in nc and made some tasty dumpling treats. of course we bought frozen and cooked it up, but it was damn good. if you and yours don't do the dim sum then i recomend it. it can be a very cheap meal., and with these hard times ahead we need some cheap meals i think. with the cost of oil rising, and the cost of food going up we are need of some cheap eats that won't make us feel like we are eating ramen noodles all the time.

can you believe the price of corn a year ago was over 100% less than it is today? corn is up to 7.50 a bushel. that means 56 lbs of corn used to cost about 3 or so bucks. (makes us wonder why we are all not growing corn in our back yards. three rows for a crop people)

consumer prices were up .4percent in may. that's a lot, but it you take out the cost of food and gas then its only a .1 percent increase.

this was written like it was positive news...

when you head to the electronics store to buy a tv, it will cost the same, but if you need to get to work and stay all nutritioned up then its going to cost you more. that's not good. not good at all. glad my tomatoes are coming in. i think i am going to need them.

still, up there in the news is the price of gas. it's going to be a big story for a long time, but how are they going to keep it fresh... keep it new?

well i read one story that does the job. i personally they should have saved it till later on in the year. when they are all tapped out.

apparently along with the economy going down, nevada's whoring industry is suffering. they are experiencing declines as much as 25percent. truckers make up a good chunk of the rural whorin and the rising cost of diesel is of course going to make truckers work harder for their money.

they are going to have to put in extra hours to make the same cash, but with this harder work it means that a stop over in nevada for a little t and a is harder to balance in the budget. not only do they lose "time money" with the stop over, they are going to have to of course shell out that hard earned cash for their "settin' the quilt to quiver" time.

don't worry, the brothels are taking action. to bring john back into the the bosom of the ladies of the night they are offering incentives. gas cards for those trips to the special rooms that cost 300 bucks an up and of course a 25 dollar discount on those 200 bucks for 45 minutes. now only 175!

their prices are insane! (insert crazy eddie here)

as a child of the 80's i pretty much learned all i need to know about the world's oldest profession from from hbo. movies like cannonball run and porky's pretty much tell a kid what is goin' on.

from what i learned on hbo, it seemed like the story was missing something. they are offering gas prizes and cash discounts, but i thought that the real "deal" was the "two for one". didn't see any of that listed.

anyway, i'm not judging. people can do what they want to do, and nevada is usually the place to do it.

just bit of advice to those truckers out there.

keep your money in your pockets. times will get better, and please keep at least one hand on the wheel. your up high. we can't see a thing.

wrapping up
547.70 at the start
a buck49 spent
the kitty stands at a dirty tree cent.

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck97

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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roxie said...

those were some damn fine pork buns.