Sunday, June 1, 2008

day 4- sunday sundries

its sunday and i just spent a hard day doin nothin.

well some stuff, but nothing i could say was constructive unless you call eating some damn good tacos at barrio chino (finally) and an even better jalepeno lime margarita.

wow that was good. nothing like a nice and spicy drink on a sunny warm sunday afternoon in the lower east side.

i can't wait for my jalepenos to come in so i can make my own spicy tequila.

after the goodness we got some cheap "banana" chairs from the rite aid to sit on the roof and get some sun. we tried to get some at lowes yesterday but they had nothin. whats with having the largest selction of chaise lounge cushions in brooklyn and no actual chaise lounge to put the cushions on?

the pitt penthouse has seen its loss of chairs due to wind and weathering, but last year we lost more than a few. definitely time for new ones.

the new lounges are nice and clean.
for now.

of course as soon as we got to lounging the clouds came in and busted up the party. typical.

blogs are supposed to be short and sweet i hear and i will push this one through for you all. on to the purchase.

i had to swing by the duane reade on the way to dinner to pick up some cigs and also some soap to replace a bar i ganked from the roomie. found the soap and went lookin for something to buy. the kitty was pretty low so i had some severe limitations. not a whole lot there for me in the buck64 range.

wouldn't you know it like a beacon (i think this line will get tired real quick) there was the travel section and the toothpaste was calling to me with its buck39 price tag. i don't normally go for the arm and hammer, but in a pinch i can do with the chalkiness.

with tax a buck51.

i always carry around a toothbrush with me, but carrying around a big tube o' the paste can make the tired old bag a bit full. of course carrying around a larger tube is more econimical. this i know. still it will be nice to be able to reach for the little guy and get all cleaned up wherever i go.
even bigger plus now i dont have to remember to leave the house toothpaste for the lady when i head off to work. many a time i have felt bad for leaving her no paste at all and yet a nice large cup of strong coffee to help her start her day off with a bright smile.

this is it for today. time to catch up on the last two episodes of lost. i hear its a doozy.

595.09 at the start
buck51 spent
593.58 to go
the kitty stands at 14cents
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me

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