Saturday, June 28, 2008

day 31- when its hot, hit kids with water balloons.

so my vacation in nc is just about over, and its hot. really hot. i have had a relaxing week down here with the family.
did not do much, which i think was great for me. no stress and no work can really energize a person.
i do wish i went jogging more, but it was just too damn hot.
all week.
here i am- new running shoes, wide open spaces to run on and when i get out there, it's 95 degrees and breathing the air feels like drinking under water. i know smoking has done nothing to help my lung capacity, but with such intense heat and humidity i was not able to really give it the strong try.
i still have tomorrow though. in nyc. when i get back.
last nights trip to greensboro was a lot of fun. it really is great to get back there and hang out with old friends and just shoot the shit for a day. we had much to catch up on and though i wish we would keep in better touch, it really does seem like i never left. the only thing that seems to really change is greensboro. it really is a better town than the one i left. the downtown is totally revitalized. compared to six years ago it is incredible.
to see people crowded in the streets downtown at 2am is quite a sight. if you live in greensboro you should count yourself lucky. the city has finally taken an interest in itself and it's peoples.
i could see myself living there now.
this is something i never would have said when i left. for my friends, whom are married and starting families, there really is no better place to start it all off, but for me its back to the big city. new york calls me back and so does (especially) seeing my lady. we don't normally spend this much time apart. it feels strange. i can't say i like it.
i really should be getting back to hanging out with my family for the evening so i'll finish this up.
today's purchase- water bombs for the kids. at a buck51 it was steal on a hot day. i got to fill them up with michael and i tried to show him how to tie them. basically he filled, i tied. when we had filled enough i started throwing them at him. the dog got all fired up with the fun and michael was pretty hard to hit. then again i was not aiming for his head. that just would have caused a lot of problems.
it's always fun till someone gets hurt.
he still has lots more waterbombs to go. i am sure he and his sister will have some fun with them this summer.
wrapping up
550.96 at the start
a buck51 spent
the kitty stands at 29cent
maximum spending tomorrow
a buck93
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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roxie said...

the lady is very happy to have you back.