Sunday, June 8, 2008

day 11-killing flys one at a time

i am pretty sure we have all seen at least one martial arts film with a scene of someone killing flies with chopsticks. i one day aspire be able to accomplish such a feat. that day is not today nor do i think will it be in a month, but for now a fly swatter for a buck57 will help me on my way.

i remember my mor mor swatting at flies with one of these when i was a kid, i don't think i have ever owned one.

and we get flies. boy, do we ever.

in the summer nyc becomes the land of flies. big and small. mostly big.

they are everywhere and why wouldn't they be. there is so much food around. fallen ice cream and tossed falafel sandwiches can be seen here and there, everywhere.

all the while there is a trash can on every corner.

the city can be pretty dirty, especially in the warmer months when people are out and about and many people just can't seem to get their trash in the can.

i wish they would.

it's bad enough i have to dodge dog shit without having to maneuver around someone's left over pasta salad, the container right next to it. i have even heard mothers tell their children to just throw the candy wrapper in the gutter.

better the trash in the gutter than to have to teach their kids to clean up after themselves. right?

hey lady, the flies are not gonna eat the wrapper, just the chocolate on the wrapper. then they are gonna come over to my house to make some babies. thanks.

we tend to have our roof door open a lot and so the flies find their way into the house. this year i am going on the offensive. i hope flies are color blind because, yes that is a safety orange
fly swatter coming at cha.

you flies better watch out. i'm coming for you.

583.63 at the start
buck57 spent.
582.06 left to go.

the kitty stands at 10cents

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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