Tuesday, June 3, 2008

day six- it's peppery!

the government says no recession yet. it seems the GDP was growing at a rate of .9percent for the first quarter. apparently thats is stronger than they expected.

non durable goods purchases are up (they last less than three years) and we want to stuff ourselves with more food and beverages.

gas is killing car sales and we don't want to buy commercial airplanes.

i for one am not interested in buying a commercial airplane. and my 600 bucks might as well be a million, as it would not get me any closer.

apparently we american's aren't into buying products that will last more than three years as those darn durable products are down.

does this mean we are buying crap?

i know i am. im out there every day. buying goods that won't last me more than three years. hell some food won't even last a few minutes.

still the GDP is up. we are growing.

you can do a little fun experiment at home with this one.

say your living room is ten feet wide. now start at one wall and get ready to move across the room. now get on your tip toes. ok never mind.. lay on the floor. take off your shoes and make sure your big toe is touching the floor at the corner. only your big toe should cover no more tha 1.08 inches of the floor.

get out your tape measure.

thats how much you are moving if you are the GDP.

america is really moving. i mean the continent. the continent of america is moving faster than our economy! we are screwed!

but non durable goods are up 2.8 percent and we can keep this growth happening. just keep buying stuff you have to replace. why buy the ten cent screw when you can buy the 5 cent one. sure you might have to replace that screw in a year or so with another one, but hell your saving money now right?

this is how nyc contracting is done. and maybe how america does it, but i am not a fan.

in nyc we had a little crane incident last week. people died. mayhem in the streets. buildings destroyed. it was bad.

seems the crane company set up a "refurbished" crane for the site. that's right. they used "fixed" parts to put it up. it went up and up. then it went down and killed people.

owner of said crane company is said to be a nice guy and he likes to hang out on his 50 something foot boat down in the virgin islands.

yeah.. nice guy.

enough on that.. just some food for thought. whatever happened to things that last. i walk through the chrysler building everyday on my way to work. finished in 1930 and when you walk around inside you know its gonna last forever.

ok really that is enough.

the reality of spending a buck64aday has been setting in, and it really means for me that i am spending more money than before.


today's purchase?

a bottle of good-o ginger beer. made up in the bronx yo!

i love this stuff. its peppery and can light a fire in your mouth.

by itself its great, but throw in some rum (preferably the dark kind) then you have got a "dark and stormy", a mighty fine island drink.

problem is, i did not have any rum so off i go to the liquor store to spend some of my hard earned cash on some dominican rum.

the ginger beer cost me a buck45

the rum? 11.50.

i see a lot of my buck64 purchases in the future having complimentary purchases.

now thats stimulating the economy. a trivial purchase needs a complimentary purchase.

if 132 million people did the same.. well we could have a good year.

well i know it will be for me.

592.29 at the start
a buck45 spent
590.84 to go.

the kitty stands at 68cents

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me

and if your coming by to see tommy boy tomorrow night at movies on the roof...

dark and stormys are on me.. while supplies last.

after all i only had a buck64 to spend.

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