Thursday, June 19, 2008

day 22- i thought the highlight of today would be my new phone...

wow! what a day. early this morning i went to get the new sprint phone. the "instinct" is a touch phone, an "ipod killer" or something like that. really, i just like gadgets and when your full 150 bucks come around from sprint you do go out there and try to get the best for your money.

so i get the phone and then i haul the 4 long blocks (those midtown crossing blocks can be a killer) back to work. i can't play with my new toy as i have to pay the rent. i do however get a little time to mess around with it and figure some stuff out.

fast forward to about 3pm. i get a message from the lady saying that i am in the news.

excitement. though i don't know what she means as i cannot get the phone to work yet. i have the internets and i can't get it to go.

finally, i find out that the cbs news channel in charlotte has discovered my blog and not only do they mention it, but they also chat up about the blog during their story on how people are spending their stimulus packages. you can watch the blog scrolling up and down the screen as they talk about my purchases. terrible picture, beer bottles and all.

one of them said "what fun".

really i am having a blast doing this whole thing. it is a mission, but there is no reason why i should not make it a fun mission. i am just happy to be getting the word out. spreading that word of a buck64aday across the whole world.

thanks wbtv. you have made my stat counter go through the roof.

you can check out the video clip here.

its a bit ironic that it got picked up in north carolina, as that is where i am originally from.

they added it to their blog. you can get all you might need from here.

aside from the moments of fame in the early morning hours of charlotte, north carolina i did a little bit of shopping today. spending that buck64 is what its all about right? thank god for the kitty or i would be in big trouble. i have been wanting to find something for the lady for some time. its hard to get something meaningful/useful for your girlfriend for a buck64, but i succeeded.

whenever she takes a shower at my place she is subject to all my "guy" toiletries. she has really nice skin and i thought she might like this loufa scrubber mit. this way she does not have to use my sad white "suds scrubber". at a buck92 its within the budget and it might give her a better shower. our water pressure is pretty terrible and this might just make a shower at the pitt more enjoyable.

don't worry i'll stick to my own scrubber.

i had a good time seeing the word get spread today and i would like to see more of it. please pass me around. its only day 22. we have a long way to go. a long way.

wrapping up

565.93 at the start

a buck92 spent

the kitty stands at 9cents

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck73

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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