Saturday, June 21, 2008

day 24- Vacation begins... 9 days of no work and all i got was a bottle opener.

so today my vacation begins. actually it started yesterday at 3:45pm. i squeezed out a little early to head down to the midsummer party. they thought i was just trying get out early to get on a plane. i told them i had a cultural event to go to. still there were looks of dissaproval.

still no work for a week is going to make me a very, very happy guy. i would have loved to be able to do something with jen, but my work makes it hard to pick and choose your vacation time.

here is how it works. the vacation schedule for 2008 began filling up during week one of novemeber of 2007. wtf? the rules are only one person can go on vacation per area per week. and you can only take one vacation every 4 months. i got mine in a little late .

(who plans for july and august in november?)
the only summer vacations left were, this week coming up, and the third week of july. somehow i was able to skirt the "4 month rule" and i think some people are pissed that i did. so i come back from vacation, have a four day week (july 4th after all is on a friday) then i work for a week then i go on vacation again. i am going to head down to durham to see the 'rents. i have not been down there in a while and it will be good to hang out with the family for a week.

i should gotten my license before i left.
i am going to have to chauffered everywhere.

i really look forward to getting my license, but apparently i need to get my "permit" first. that will be fun.

no it will not really.

it just does not seem the same if i get my permit and my mom is not there in the passenger side telling me to watch the side of the road. "watch those mailboxes that are coming up on the right".

still i look forward to it. i am going to get me some tan, give jogging a try and see some friends out in greensboro.

today's purchase is a 4 in one bottle opener. the pitt roof deck tends to be the place to hang out in the summer and when people come over they bring their bottles of beer up and then we always have to go downstairs to get the bottle opener. this bottle opener is going to "live" on the deck.

its safety orange plastic casing will be easy to find even in the dark. one of my neighbors tends to be out there at all hours with one or another of his ladies, and i think this will be a big help to him. he does not need to have his "lady of tonight" going downstairs to get a bottle opener, only to bump into his "lady of the day" going to the bathroom.
(i am totally serious. this has happened)
this will save me from having to listen to any more yelling or banging of doors at 5am, and also keep my nicer more elaborately decorated bottle openers from falling prey to the "sorry man it fell off the roof" apologies, which i have heard more than a few times.

at a buck41, i think this will lend me some happiness for the rest of the summer

well we are off to see polvo at the bowery ballroom. they broke up about ten years ago, but got together for the all tomorrows parties festivals this summer. i have high hopes for the show. there should be a bunch of people from greensboro there as well as a crowd of people the median age of 33.

wrapping up.
562.62 at the start
a buck41 spent
the kitty stands at 57cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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