Sunday, June 29, 2008

day 32- starting my post vacation, holiday short week off right.

in the absence of a decent breakfast of a couple of big cups of coffee, i'll take a nutrament shake. tomorrow is going to be one of those days. it will be the first day back to work from vacation and i know its going to be a pain in my ass. a buck75 for breakfast ain't so bad, and these babies are basically a little meal in liquid form. i'll pick up some coffee when i get to work. i have a coupon for something free from that place.

the lady has boot camp tomorrow so she is getting up at 5 am.

i am doing the same. goin' in a bit early.

it seems the company/job i hate has taken it upon themselves to a bit of management rearrangement while i was gone. i have seen it done before and while it is not the worst thing in the world, there is always some back work to be done to make things go... go at all. this time i know at least i will not feel penalized for going on vacation. no one will be there to give me any flack.

ever have that happen to you?

you work all year and decide to take a week off. before you go you set it up, so "everything will be o.k". the day you get back, you are all refreshed and ready to work another long haul till the next vacation. for some reason there is this air of dissatisfaction towards you. people grumble about what happened while you were gone like it was your fault. so you end up right where you started from before you left.

stress level is back on high and hating your job is in the forefront of your mind.

is this just me? granted i sometime liken the maturity level of my peers to junior high schoolers; it might just be all they are capable of. i hope some of you out there have the same problems when you get back from the vacay. on my part, it's not to be mean, i just don't want to be the only one.

this year i took out some insurance on the vacation blues. i get friday off (it's july 4th after all) and then i work one week and i head out on vacation again. sure i will need to suck it up a bit for the rest of the year, but with any luck that might not be too long.

don't worry. they already know.

if your out there and reading, keep the above in mind. vacation is supposed to be your unwind time. don't make it hard when the vacationer comes back. it makes the vacation worthless. a distant memory without any shine. i have lost my vacation buzz in as little as one hour before.

that sucks.

tomorrow is going to be a decent day. i look forward to how decent it is going to be.

it's good to be back in the city. aside from the j train shuttle bus issues coming back from jfk it felt really good to be back. i love this city, it's vibrance and passion. we even have waterfalls on the rivers now. thanks nyc. thanks for always making yourself better.

the best part of coming back was seeing the lady. we got to spend a lazy afternoon at the penthouse and while we missed seeing the hold steady, i wouldn't have changed it for the world. i even got treated to my favorite kind of light show. 3 hours of thunderstorms rolling in one after the other. we just hung out watching lightning...

listening to thunder.

wrapping up
549.45 at the start
a buck75 spent
the kitty stands at 18cent

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck82

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me

ps. just a heads up... you can now use to get to the stories. spread the word. 333 days left to go.

it's just going to get better.


dAve said...

Where did you get it for a buck seventy-five? Usually it's a buck ninety-nine.

the bfs said...

7th avenue slope bodega man.