Monday, June 16, 2008

day 19- running with scissors, no more

i am always in need of scissors, but i only ever seem to have either, a really big pair kitchen shears which are perfect for cutting up those cornish game hens for some good old cast iron skillet cooking, or some really small ones for cutting the schnoz hair. what i really needed was some scissors for trimming up herbs from the garden and these will do just perfectly. they will also be good for getting rid of those pesty suckers from my neatly groomed tomato plants.

they are nice and sharp and even come with a protective cover so when i am "walking" around with them i won't accidentally stab myself or others. at a buck61 they are a good deal. i really intend to utilize my garden this summer to super stretch my food dollars. these scissors will help me out a lot as they won't damage the plants for future production.

a trip to steve's c-town yesterday was a bit disconcerting. food is just getting pricier and pricier. i work around food so i can eat at work, but i do like to cook at home and it seems that getting that food to the house is gonna be a challenge. back when i used to get paid by the hour and things were tight, i would actually think about what "this hour" would get me. it seems i am back to that point.

i did see that a buck64 can actually get me a meal.. sort of. meats and cheeses are pretty much out, but chicken livers are in.

at a buck a pound they are totally within my budget. fry those babies with some onions and served it over some herbed rice would make a fine filling meal. if you are frowning then you must not like chicken livers.. shame on you.

sundays after church when i was a kid we would leave church and on the way home my brother, sister and i would beg out parents to stop at dell's village to get some chicken liver for lunch (us swedes tend to have a pretty broad pallet range). my dad would fry them up and we would devour them. my parents still chuckle at how easy it was to please us sometimes.

still, i feel that i can really make my buck64 work for me at the grocery. with my culinary skills i should be able to make some good food.

i don't want to have to go the "ramen route" to save cash to maintain my lifestyle. i only recently started liking ramen noodles again, the good kind, you know the ones that have hardly any english writing on them.

i would like to keep it that way.

wrapping up

570.58 at the start
a buck61 spent
the kitty stands at 13cents

maximum spending for tomorrow is a buck77
i can spend that tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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