Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a fortnight- no, i don't got the herp.

but, apparently 1/4 of nyc has got it. no really, i swear i don't have the herp, but on the hype of the news story yesterday i decided to pick some carmex up. ignore the price above. i got mines for a buck92, cleaned out my kitty and all. (camera was acting funny so i had to go to google images) i know it won't protect me from the herp, ( only i can do that) but it is a tingly lip balm.

i remember this stuff from college. ginni would swear by it. it seemed to "go away" for a while on the rumors of it being addictive. technically it is not. it is full of counter irritants though and it does dry out your lips. the camphor and the menthol do it... dry out the lips i mean.

the phenol is supposed to kill bacteria.

really this stuff is useless to anyone who wants to use it primarily as a lip balm, but it does produce some tingly lips. everyone likes some tingly lips every once in a while. right?

when i remember back.. people used to dip into each other's carmex like it was candy or snuff. good thing for the phenol or we all would have had each other's cooties to this day.

apparently our lips exfoliate every month, so in fact we don't need lip balm at all. we still use it though. no one wants to have some flaky-peeling lips when you're out and about.

just so your not laughing at us in nyc. remember, the national average for the herp is 19%. the rest of you are just five or so percentage points behind. watch out the herp is forever.

the people in nyc like to do it a little bit bigger.. a little better (or so we think) than the rest of america.
don't believe the hype!
nyc may have given madonna its start, but don't make the herp chic.

the next time your in nyc for a convention, vacation or whatever, remember 25 percent of the people you meet have the herp.
they may not even know.
even if they did.. do you think they would tell you?

be safe, so you don't have to be sorry.

wrapping up.

buck92 spent.
577.04 to go.
the kitty is empty.

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck64

i can spend that tomorrow.

you can't stop me.

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