Thursday, June 5, 2008

day eight- your gonna need some skewers for that job.

it is the start of the second week and i am just under 590bucks.

how much do you have left?

today's purchase was some bamboo skewers. i have a little project underway in the garden area and i was in dire need of these little guys. they will also come in handy if i am attacked by the smaller variety of vampire.

so here is the project. we have been working on a little roof deck vegetable garden. we did it last year with some mixed results and this year i wanted to see how much we could do with no real ground to dig in.

this year we are gonna grow tomatoes and peppers mostly. there are some cucumbers, beans and greens. about 30 or so strawberry plants rounds it out.

the biggest problem we had last year was the amount of water we needed throughout the summer. i mean evryday.. watering twice.

i did some research. ok i did a lot of research. and so to alleviate the amount of work we would have to do we would need to make a soil that would retain a lot of moisture and get some sort of mulch to keep the moisture locked in.

we got a lot of peat to mix in with our dirt, bought a bunch of plant foods and i got some red mulch film. this film is light but hefty and it is the exact color to make the tomatoes and peppers think they are being crowded by other plants. this stuff is sweet. i have seen it work when i put out the first couple of tomato plants, and it made their stalks get thick and and the plants got bushy, i mean really bushy.

tomato plants are not the prettiest things in the world, but i am all about production- i don't care how they look, just that they make enough tomatoes for everyone i know.

all grown at the pitt penthouse.

so i cut up a bunch of the film that i had laying around and used the bamboo skewers to stake the plastic down. now we can water once a day at maximum and the water will stay in the dirt not get all evaporated by the sun and the wind.

you can see the pictures above..

the mulch and the crazy amounts of sun we get, plus the addition of this crazy spray i have for the vegetable blossoms should be keeping me from spending lots of cash at the grocery store this summer. those non-durable goods are going up due to the rise in oil prices and are gonna hurt all of us.

i was thinking about this possibility when i was growing seedlings in my house. now i get free produce till the first frost which is like 5 months away. the first tomatoes should be alomost ripe in a couple of weeks andthe peppers are already growing.

enough on the garden.

yesterday i was going to comment on the fall in oil prices. today its the rise in oil prices.
it seems that "light, sweet crude for July delivery rose as high as $128.26 before easing to settle up $5.49 at $127.79 on the New York Mercantile Exchange" (thanks ap) its was the biggest rise in history.

apparently those commodities investors are just wrecking us. the euro bank is gonna raise interest rates?... buy more oil after all its a hedge against inflation.

now everything we buy is gonna cost more. except old comic books.. they seem unaffected by the current economy problems.

i wonder if randolph and mortimer duke's kids are out there betting on how rich they can get and how poor we will all become. i wonder if they are betting a dollar?

probably not, the dollars shit. i bet its a euro.

all i ever see is light, sweet crude. light, sweet crude.

its seems the only mention of bubblin crude is on tv land. probably at 4am. followed by mr. ed.

bubblin crude.

i wish i could invest in that.

wrapping up.. i got to haul to williamsburg for the steve shiffman and the land of no show at union pool.

589.65 at the start.
abuck7 spent.
588.58 to go.

the kitty stands at a buck70

i can spend that tomorrow.

you can't stop me.

and yes i am saving up for something special for the weekend.

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