Tuesday, June 17, 2008

day 20- i think i bought stolen goods

remember when these things were free? or at least you thought you were getting away with murder as you walked out of the bar with your pint glass?

maybe it was in your pocket. maybe you had your girl put it in her purse. hopefully you emptied it so it did not make her birth control pills run like some wet sweet-tarts. maybe you did not and you had a nice surprise 9 months later.

everyone knows the guy who walks out of the bar and when he reaches the parking lot; he pulls his 3/4 full pint of beer from his pocket and sips on it like a bad ass.

for all your hiding and "living on the edge", you have to remember that these branded beer glasses are given to the bar from the beer distributor. they were free. its the perfect marketing scheme.

while getting blitzed at the bar on carbombs and shots of jager you settle down to a nice pint of beer. said beer comes in a branded glass and when you finish it up the bartender asks you what you might like next. at a loss for words you pull some dough out of your pocket and look at the blurred beer board and then back at the bartender. you hold up your glass and say.

"another one of these!"

sale completed. another keg tapped, a call to the distributor for more and your tender brings you another one of "these"

i do miss my pint glass collection. they were the disposable silica cups of my youth. they would break and without much grumbling.

swept up without a thought.

after all its just sand right?

the best part was that they were free

they still can be you know.

who needs to go on down to the target or wherever to get some new glasses for the house. just make a few trips to the bar, leave your sensibility at the door and after a couple of weeks you got yourself a nice set of glasses. if you try really hard you can get a matched set.

in my mind it would make a fine wedding gift. nothing says love and hope for the future like a purloined set of 8 pint glasses with exciting things written on them like, "miller lite", "guiness", " murphy's irish stout" and "porkslap beer".

have you ever had porkslap? its damn good.

what do you say.. you fall wedding people.. do you want me to buy you something from the registry? or spend weeks collecting pint glasses and then making sure they get home without breaking them. that is almost an art for me.

priceless art it would be.

wrapping up
568.97 at the start
a buck29spent

the kitty stands at48cents

maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that tomorrow
you can't stop me

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