Sunday, June 22, 2008

day 25-tasty treat from sugar sweet sunshine

the polvo show last night was not what i had expected. usually when i band does a reunion they play all the hits(like when journey gets together).. you know make people happy, and while they did make people happy they played mostly album medleys(unlike journey). it just was not the same. they have been playing around for a month or so and i was hoping for something more. they did, i am sure, do what they thought was best, but if you came to the show and had not heard polvo beforeyou were left confused, and probably abandoned by your date who was there as a long time fan and had a good time.

the ladies did not have the best time, and for so much build up i can understand the disappointment. i did get to see a bunch of people i have not seen in a long time, including my old roommate from greensboro the tedder man. if polvo is coming your way and you are a fan then i say go to it, but leave your other at home. if they are not a fan they just would not understand.

today is preparation day for my trip down south. jen and i went to spitzer's for some brunch. they have some pretty good food and she loves to do the brunch thing. brunch is not really my thing, but i do like to go out and eat some good food, as a plus they have the rogue hot pepper beer. its really good. i like the spicy stuff and a spicy beer with my eggs benedict with pork trotter was damn good. the trotter was decadent, but a little unsettling. there was something about the texture. something about it... i just could not tell at the time.

a quick phone google search and there it was.

we should have realized.

trotter is pigs feet. don't get me wrong i did not hate it, but well... there was just something about the texture and the feel that made me uneasy. i'll go back to spitzer's brunch, but i am leaving the pigs feet to the bar.

time for the purchase... sugar sweet sunshine is on the way home over on rivington and essex. we stopped in there for a cupcake. the lady loves the pumpkin cupcake and they are only a buck50 each. in fact all the cupcakes are.

nyc has been inundated with cupcakes over the past 5 years. they seem to be everywhere you look. its a popular treat as it is portable, but for me i usually need more than one. one is just not enough. 4 is good for me, but a buck64 is not getting me 4.

jen is still a bit unsettled from the trotter tasting.. the cupcake still stands.. alone and uneaten.

time for me to finish up the packing. traveling by plane is a pain these days. no pointy objects, no trusty zippo lighters, and no gels or liquids.

i will leave them all in a pile here at the pitt. pick them up when i get back.

just reminding you.. vacation does not stop the buck64aday.

wrapping up.
561.21 at the start
a buck50 spent
the kitty stands at 71cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow in durham, north carolina

you can't stop me.

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roxie said...

the lady is over the pork trotter and ate her cupcake tonight. and a damn fine cupcake it was.