Monday, June 2, 2008

day five- it's like the bahamas... in the toilet

a buck78 in the pocket to spend and something new that i have never had in my life before.

blue toilet water.

its blue, it lasts for 45 days and there are five of them. thats over seven and a half months of a reminder of my trip to the bahamas a month ago.

ahh the sun and the sand of paradise island calls to me anew. jen took me there for a wedding to the atlantis resort.. or at least the comfort inn suites which is the same as atlantis as you get full access to all that the disneyland resort of the bahamas has to offer.

i get to reminisce about it all while i'm peeing.

and while the rest of the 132 million household's rebates are long gone, i should have plenty more blue water to comfort me through the tough times of the recession ahead.

a good friend from college, ginni, mentioned me in a another blog comment. she spoke of me as the other side of the spending spectrum and rightly so, but she did say that i would be spending the money on crap.

i am trying not to.

one man's trash is another man's treasure and my sense of humor is such that i can find humor and use out of these items that come in around a buck64. i think though i need to spend more money on food so my house is not filled with useless trinkets.

riad, my roomate, did not seem too thrilled with the blue water, but i hope that everyone who comes over for the summer hang outs and the movies on the roof at the pitt penthouse enjoys it.

this blogging thing is all new to me. sure i started a myspace blog, but with no purpose to it i quickly lost interest. this time around and with the mission of 365 posts and 365 purchases, i am all fired up.

jen has been helping me with stat counters and the website space is reserved to house the blog.

i just want to get the word out as quickly as possible. truth be told, i am anxious. so please read me and spread me around.

i was doing some reading today and all i read is how people are spending.. or not spending their checks. i know this is the number 4 or 5 news story (but still a strong 4 or 5) and it will last till the end of the summer so i will get lots of info. this is good. i hope you all are reading up on it too.

keeping your pulse on the peoples and how they are spending their monies.

i see alot of talk about spending it on gas and food. some say it all got sucked up in the first week. granted i know gas is expensive, or at least more expensive that we are used to. (ahh the days when gas was a buck a gallon. i remember those days. it was good. i would drive and drive.) i cannot for the life of me see how someone would spend all their money on the gas all at once quickly.

if you did you have a sports utility vehicle.

which should be a sports utility car.

then we would have called them SUC's.. no one would have bought them and we would not be destroying as much earth as possible.

"hey check out my new SUC... sure it takes a lot of gas, but with these new fuel injection systems, catalytic converters and the new kinds of enviromentally safe gasolines that are available its not that bad for the enviroment. besides i can drive to the top of the mountain in it. oh yeah sure.. it goes straight up to the top. you just have to plough down a couple of trees on the way, but after you do it a couple of times you have your own road through the wilderness."-comment from someone in the late 90's.

the same person accidentally bumps a toyota camry and causes $2000 bucks in damage.

its called a geo metro. it gets like 40 miles to the gallon. hell even a 20 year old bmw with a bad paint job gets good gas mileage.

spending 600 bucks on gas is just putting the money into the peoples who are helping to cause some of this recession that is in progress.

dollar is down.. buy some oil. its a hedge against inflation. oil goes up. trasportation costs goes up. that goes right back to the consumer.. so now your milk costs more and so does the frozen concentrated orange juice. this brings down consumer confidence and the economy with it.

america and its cars. big cars. we had cheap gas for a long long while. it was nice, but those days are over, and we are paying more and more for gas. europe has been paying more for gas for a long, long time.

you know what they drive?

at the core- geo metros

to the jackass who spent all his money on gas? you should have bought the tv. the big tv. i mean really big. so big you would never leave the house. up your netflix queue and ride the storm out. you can catch up on all those movies you always meant to see and try some old, good, but since cancelled tv shows.

the last episode of lost, by the way was damn good. i love my russian dvr. (more on that another time.

wrapping up.

593.58 at the start
buck29 spent
592.29 left to go

the kitty stands at 49cents

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

now i'm going to the bathroom bahamas style.

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If you need some help with a counter or tracker, let me know, I can help you.