Saturday, June 7, 2008

day ten-soft serve

if you are from around here (as in nyc) then you know its just hot. really hot. we took to the country in the hopes of cooling off. usually budd lake is about ten degrees cooler than the city, but not so this time around. it was just as bad.

the worse part is that the vasa park pool was not open and would not be open till july 4th. there is nothing like cooling off in the vasa park pool on a hot summer's day. the water is so cold that you can only really hang out in the water for brief periods before hypothermia sets in.

no pool meant we had to find other ways to cool off.

the best we could do was lake muskenetcong at the hopactong state park, not ideal and really just a terrible experience. i was in the water for about 3 minutes. it was cold and felt refreshing but the crowd of people in the swimming area made me want to run back to the hot grass where my sweat and the breeze were my a.c.

i did learn a new term though today. "white baby momma"

laying on towel at hopactong park you can learn a lot. most of what i overheard though, i want to forget.

really, the small rental car provided the most cooling with its blasting a.c. and compact car fuel efficiency.

at the very least we got a quick thunderstorm that really cooled things down. spectacular to look at as well.

the "stugan" can be a little isolated. the tv pretty much only plays dvd's so there was not much news. i missed my opportunity to listen to the belmont stakes on the radio, but found i out my buck bet did not pan out at all. i chose 1-2-5.

1 did not finish
2 did not even run
5... well after the first two who the hell cares. there went my dreams of winning big at the ponies.

i might try, i might.

so i had been saving up for something special this weekend. all week putting something into the kitty and today it came to fruition.

you know what you want on a hot day. hell i would want it everyday. DQ. thats right. Dairy Queen. all that soft serve goodness in a cup or a cone. dipped or rolled. shaked or malted. hot and cold. salty and sweet.

Dairy Queen.

there are no dairy queens around me in nyc. there might be one i have not discovered and truth be told i have not done the google search for one around these parts. i do however know the one on state road 57 in hackettstown, new jersey. right there against the river. cold, creamy goodness.

i had a threeninetyeight to spend and i meant to squeeze out ever cent i could.

and 3buck95 gets you a large sunday. vanilla and hot fudge. really that was it. i was a little dissapointed that all my hard work did not merit me a peanut buster parfait. only a little.

it really hit the spot.

summer is here. bring on the ice cream.

588.58 at the start
3.95 spent
583.63 left to go

the kitty stands at .03

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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