Wednesday, June 18, 2008

day 21- altered by pabst only to be made by miller.

ballantine ale. ever had it? very once in a while i get an urge for it. at a buck75 its a winner. 22 ounces of one of the oldest beers in america, and when i say old i mean 1850 old.

the label says "the largest selling beer in america".

sure. maybe in 1942, but when you primarily find it in and around the olde english and the colt 45 section of your bodega's malt liquor selection it kind of means that you are stretching the truth. still i don't mind where i find it, though i wonder how frasier felt about picking up his father (martin crane) a six pack on the way home from work. moving the beast cans aside and knocking down a magnum to grab that last sixer of ballentines from the back of the case. thats not so smooth frasier

it apparently does not taste the way it used to. after 150 years of brewing, owner changes and a purchase by pabst (only to be out sourced to miller) it is apparently not the same. i never got a chance to ask my grandfather if he liked it back when he was younger. i wish i had.

it is kind of a shame how things in america seem to change over time. the budweiser of today is not the same as yesterday. i would like to taste the beer of yesterday. that would be nice. i think it would be a damn fine beer.

so i paired yesterday's purchase and today's purchase into a nice little package. today i drank the ballantines from the glass. it was good and much classier than drinking from a 22 ounce bottle. that would only be classy at a bowling alley or a BYOB party. movies on the roof had not yet started. drinking from a 22 or a 40 on the roof of pitt is all about class.
now that's classy.

i am a bit excited about tomorrow as it is time for the new sprint phone to come out and play with me. i got an email this afternoon inviting me to come purchase it a day early for 129bucks. that's not to shabby and it does give back some points to sprint from me. i am looking forward to my new fancy phone. its no iphone i know, but at least the instinct won't drop calls like its on some crazy cingular network or somehthin.

i am gonna try and see if i can work out a deal with sprint... see if i can get the phone for a buck64. that would be nice. after all i am a seven year customer and i am going to be (hopefully) blogging from it. that must be worth something right? probably not.

wrapping up.

567.68 at the start
a buck75 spent
the kitty stands at 37 cent

maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that tomorrow.
you can't stop me.

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