Thursday, June 12, 2008

day 15-for me.. so i don't forget... for you, so's you don't get bored.

so this buck64aday mission can be bit distracting and time consuming. time is money as you know, and well i have little time and only a buck64aday or so to spend.

how do i find time to go out everyday and hunt for the purchase? it is pretty hard actually.

hence the notebook. its small, has 75 3x5" pages, and it only cost a buck40.

front to back its 150 pages. here i will jot down all my thoughts for purchasing and thoughts to bring up for the blog.

i really am trying to be original, and though the dollar store on pitt street calls my name for an easy out, i don't want to cop out.

workin' ten hours a day kind of sucks out the free time. i should be headed over to brooklyn to see the lady, but i don't want her to see me get frustrated at her laptop. i cherish the time i get to spend with her and i don't want the mission to get in the way of that. she has been a big help. really big. i thank her very much.

very much. so i am hammering this out now.

speaking of working ten hours a day and the work. the word is that on the job front in america we are effectively stalled. it seems that when the economy is moving america creates 100,000 jobs a month. we are losing about 50,000 jobs a month. meaning we ain't goin nowheres. with unemployment up that means quitting that job i hate so much will have to wait. the government is talking about doing another stimulus package of 11 billion buckaroos that would extend unemployment benefits. is this a good idea? i am gonna have to some more research.

it kind of seems that all this money going out to the people is going to get us in the end.

only time will tell.. and some more research from me. i could really make a full time job out of all these questions i have. would the government pay me to do a blog and do the research? you know .. ordinary guy asking extraordinary questions and relating them to the america people?

maybe that crazy guy on tv with the government grant book can help me.

or i could just go here. so could you.

i am a particular fan of the five grand to taking acting and singing lessons.

wrapping up

577.07 at the start
a buck40 spent.
the kitty stands at 24cents.

maximum spending tomorrow
a buck88
i can spend that tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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