Friday, June 13, 2008

day 16- if there is no soap then you have no clean coffee mugs.

i could have been inventive. i could have bought a beer (i should have for the long ass train ride i had going home), but i needed some dish soap. it seems all the busy running around and all my time wasting trying to find out more info in the sprint "instinct" has let the coffee cups go and go.

but we need soap to do the dishes. i tend to use up the soap with my laundry. i know what you are thinking. who would use dawn or ajax on their clothes?


that's who.

you use less soap, and dish soap is a "super wettener" (is that even a word?) if you want to lift out stains, then use some dish soap.

just don't use to much as it won't rinse out making that happy walk in the summer rain a little sudsy. its economical and it works like a champ. in hindsight my purchase of lemon scented ajax might not have been the best choice as it does leave a slight lemon scent on my clothes, but its slight. a ride on the subway will totally help it fade away.

the mom showed me the dish soap trick for the stains. i just took it a step farther.

with inflation jumping up i need to combine the utility of my purchases. we all do. i can use the dish soap for dishes and laundry. what can can do with a can of beer? in vasa park i would use it for target practise with the bb gun.

here in the city.... well i don't know.

inflation is something we are all going to have to be watching. our dollars are already stretched and with the oil shock we just got we are going to be seeing higher prices later this summer. those high barrel costs were for july, not june. you are seeing the high prices at the grocery store. later this year it could get worse. transportation costs are passed on to the consumer. you show me a company that will eat them and i would probably introduce you to ben and jerry's ice cream. if anyone would do it, they would be the guys.
i think our real problem might be the crazy flooding in the mid-west. they are evacuating cities.
that's where our food comes from.
this might just be one tough winter.

wrapping up.
575.75 at the start
a buck40 spent
the kitty stands at 59cents
maximum spending tomorrow
2 bucks 23
i can spend that tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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