Friday, June 27, 2008

day 30- poolside snacks. kids sized.

i took my nephew to the pool today as it was not the 99 degrees that they forecasted. the old parkwood pool in durham is a whole lot smaller than i remember. i think the last time i was swimming there it was 1988 or something.
i thought it was bigger. i know i am bigger, but this place is just tiny. still michael was able to swim around and found some friends to play with. i think he even found himself a girlfriend at the pool.
while i was reading and baking in the hot, hot north carolina sun i could over hear this little girl asking him to be friends with her and if he wanted to go to her birthday party.
"its on july 4th, and it's a double 7 and 8 party since i did not have a seven party", she said.
he pretty much ignored her.
well not really, but he did not pay as much attention as she was looking for.
as we were leaving she ran up to him to give him a hug. her side was awkward and michael's.. well i would liken it to brushing off an overbearing aunt. yet, he did it very politely.
on the way home i asked him his girlfriend's name.
"i don't know," he says sippin' on his diet coke. "i don't have a girlfriend. i bet you have a girlfirend."
"darn right kid." i say.
"i bet you are all kissy-kissy.. big sloppy kisses like flicka gives." (flicka is the dog)
"i give you a few years guy."
"yeah..."he sighs. "whatever."
some things never change. when they do though, watch out.
the price of a soda and a snack at the pool has hardly changed. his teddy grahams and soda was a buck50. i think it would have been a dollar back when i was a kid. that's good for the kids and good for me.
i am keeping my head out of the news and the opinions to myself today. i am headed off to greensboro, nc to hang out with some good friends. i really enjoy going back to greensboro. things change there, but not the relationship i have with my friends. sure we are all older and they are married, we don't see each other that often but it always feels like going home again.
wrapping up
552.46 at the start
abuck50 spent
the kitty stands at 16cent
maximum spending tomorrow
a buck80
i can spend that tomorrow.
you can't stop me.


dAve said...

Nice pic of the nephew.

Kay said...

Michael is so cute.

-Kiersten :)