Monday, June 9, 2008

day 12- no pocky for kitty

i know copping a superchunk record for a blog post is only going to up my google count, but really for a guy who grew up in durham, north carolina there really is no choice for me when it comes to this situation.

at a buck49 at the asian grocer on clinton street, pocky, is kind of the best snack for the buck. there are lots of flavors. some bad (at least to my taste) but most good. i really prefer the regular. just a thin biscuit stick coated in chocolate. enough plain biscuit for a handle makes for a great snack. its very portable, as the box has two packs, and keeps for a long time on the shelf.

if you have not tried it then i highly suggest it. great for the movie theater. goes great with popcorn, just stay away from the green tea ones. i hear they are a bit strange.

if you are just getting your check now or have been holding on to the cash, then steve jobs just might have given you a little more reason to throw your cash his way.

the new iPhones have been announced, and they are... well...


now everyone can have one. 8 gigs for $199, 16 gigs for a hundred more. i see these things all over the city and while they are kind of cool looking and the idea is great. who does not want a phone, a decent web computer and a mp3 player in a fancy package? i know i do, but the iphone is not really for me.

not that i could buy one. a buck64 a day would require a whole lot of kitty to get there and i am not sure if i want to be hooked up with at&t to do it and pay an extra ten bucks for the data service.

don't get me wrong, i love my ipod. i really do, but i also like my phone.

to be separate.

i also want my phone to do fancy things like check my email and text and send pictures. i have been thinking i am going to go with the sprint instinct. my sprint contract is up now and i have been hemming and hawing about changing up. do i go with the service i have had for the past 7 years and try to get the best deal.. or do i toss it all over to at&t for an iphone.

i always seem to remember when at&t was a small cell phone company who would sell there phones door to door. the service was only available on major highway corridors. that was 7 years ago, but i can't help shaking the stigma of it. plus no one knows what the web network speed will really be.

its a gamble.

this whole cell phone change has been on my mind for quite a while. sprint isn't the best company, but it's my company. i am used to getting screwed by them on a regular basis. we have a relationship. do i really want to get screwed by someone else? am i ready for that?

as my old phone is begining to crap out, i have to make a decision.. soon.

if i can get all my ipod movies onto the samsung its a no brainer. if not.. well i will have to think about it.

its still hot as tatooine up in here. the city is broiling and its making my brain short out.
on more day, the heat will break, and we will all bask in the warmth of a normal summer.
then i can eat my pocky without the chocolate dripping on my hand.

wrapping up

582.06 at the start
buck48 spent today
587.57 left to go

the kitty stands at a quarter.

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck89

i can spend that tomorrow.

you can't stop me.

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Catherine said...

A Superchunk reference and a Star Wars reference in the same post? You just hurt my brain.