Sunday, June 1, 2008

day three- inch by inch. its a rain gauge you pervs.

today's purchase- the rain gauge. my father always has one of these floating around the yard. actually, usually a few. the electronic one is of course choice, as it sends the rain info inside the house without wires.

a buck64 is not going to get me one of those though.

with the roof deck garden and all our plants being in "containers" of some sort we need to do a lot of watering. we probably do to much. always remebering last year when we would get home from work and see the dirt all cracked with the dryness makes us paranoid so we are constanty watering, but truth be told if i want to have the nice strawberry crop i am seeing come i need to water quite a bit. 100 percent sun all day, plus the constant breeze from the east river kind of sucks the moisture out of the soil.

i have always thought i should get one of these(being the weatherbuff i am) and now i will be able to see how much rain fell during that intermitent shower or what fell during the night.

yes, i dork out on the rain.

the plants need a least an inch of the agua a week and of course when the garden is gone i will be able to talk about how much rain fell last night with the precision of a meteorologist. a very useful item i must say.

as i tend to not be home a lot this will be a good tool for the other recruited waterers as well.

if the gauge says a half and inch of rain then don't water.

right guys?


the kitty sort of went up a bit for the first couple of days so although this was a buck97 plus what the grand old state of new york wants, i was able to squeeze by.

i was doing a bit of reading on this recession we are headed towards, as well as how these checks are boosting the economy yesterday.

the treasury reported yesterday that 57.4 million payments have gone out there to the peoples. a total of 50.04 billion dollars are out there now our hands. what are they buying? you should let me know i would like to hear.

ask around. leave a comment. don't use my real name. i am not ready to let that out.. yet.

(as in if you can edit your coments and take out my name i would appreciate it)

around my work i have heard that most of them are buying big ticket items that are normally out of their reach. granted a majority of my emplyees are not getting the full 600. most are getting around 300- plus 300 for each of the childrens. one guy got a playstation 3. kudos for them though i would feel a little more comfortable if they would put the money aside and use it as a supplement for the children's food or clothes or even ..... books or something. I mean here you are you got cash in hand and a couple of kids.

lets do some math.

one person.. single mom or dad whatever. they get 300bucks
said person has two kids, each getting 300bucks each
now we got 900bucks.

ok.. so 900bucks divided by 365 equals about 2.46 a day. granted you cannot feed two kids for 2.26 a day, but $17.22 a week definitely helps with the groceries. or gets them meals at school or something right? (i think though if you worked at feeding the kids on that you could.. probably not in the city though)

one instance i got from an employee who follows the above example i was told that she was going to buy a tv and use the rest to get a wii. this will make the kids happy, but will it make their lives better?.

sometimes i worry about the peoples in america.

what makes me is the fact that i heard that someone was going to use some of the money to buy their 7 year old kid a pair of air jordan flip flops.

this one made my head spin.
i mean really spin.
i just shut off my brain to the rest.
i could not.. did not want to proccess that.

as a child growing up, my parents would not.. and a capital WOULD NOT purchase for me the branded clothing that everyone else had. this helped to make me a bit of an outcast i suppose, but i don't regret it one bit now. at the core.. clothes are clothes... shoes are shoes... and encouraging small children to "need" these things just creates more issues in their future.

their need to consume will just grow and grow and if encouraged, will just lead them to more and more frivolous spending, and then when times are hard? depression for not being able to live up the level of living they are accustomed to. don't get me wrong. i understand that this kind of spending makes the economy grow and go, but encouraging it in a seven year old should be off limits.

kids these days need education ad encouragement. they don't need air jordan flip flops. they need books or summer camp or something. somehow enrichment can be found at $17.22 a week.

i just know it.

also i read that they, (and i mean the analysts) think that at least of 2/3's of the money will be spent this year. there has been some worry that people will put the cash into debt reduction and or rent and bills. with this 2/3's spending this might keep a full blown recession off our backs till early next year.

by then all the rebate money will be gone, people will be feeling the crunch from the x-mas gifts etc.

i'll still have around 250 bucks left.

that seems far.

i wonder if my family will be pissed if i only spend a buck64 on each of their x-mas gifts?


ok lets wrap it up

597.22 at the start
2bucks13 spent
595.09 left to go

the kitty stands at 1 penny

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

a big thanks to my lady jen who photoshopped the new header for the blog.

now i just need to get the web site up. any help with that would be nice.

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Catherine said...

I did the most lame thing of all. I used my $600 + $95(regular monies) to pay my rent for a month. Soooooo exciting, I tell you.

(and yes, I'm trying to catch up on the entries you've posted so far!)