Friday, May 30, 2008

day two- the proof is in the pudding

fridays when i am heading out to the jersey house can be a bit hectic.

wake up early (or not so much)rush around the house trying desperately to not forget anything for the trip and then run off to work. all the while getting in a shower, watering the plants for the weekend and drinking enough coffee to stay alert.

suffice to say, i was late for work and it being a warm friday work was pretty slow, which usally means more work for me. i was however able to get my atm card back which was fun as all the same people were there and were wondering how the blog was.

it was a bit difficult to figure out what to buy today as the goal is to buy things (in as much as possible) that i would not normally purchase, further helping to stimulate the economy. i was kind of rushed with work stuff and the hussle to port authority to catch the bus out to budd lake so i could not really find time to shop.

when we arrived in budd lake, new jersey we made a quick stop over at the krasdale on 46 and wolfe road for a couple of forgotten supplies. i was thinking of getting an air freshener for my satchel. it's old and i think beginning to smell. i need a new one, but i have had it ever since i moved to new york so i am pretty attatched to it. this idea was nixed by jen as she thought it would make my bag and my person smell awful.

the krasdale is a convenience store trying to be a grocery store but without any fresh produce or meat. nothing was looking good or interesting.

then finally out of the gloom...

my-t-fine pudding and pie filling came into view with its logo and label that i think have not been changed since the 50's as well as a price that could not be beat.. a $1.49. there was a little bit of dust on it and we had to check to see if it was fresh. there was no expiration date listed, but the upc symbol said to me it was not from the 50's. no food tax was charged so that adds another 15 cents to the kitty.

i don't normally make pudding, therefore i don't normally eat pudding.
but i have been thinking about showing revenge of the nerds this week for movies on the roof so i thought it was a good choice. i think they might appreciate a pudding pie. or at least 7 people might.

all i have to do is add milk and we are good to go.

plus buy revenge of the nerds.


here i am further stimulating the economy all from a purchase of 1.49.

on the side, this post has been very frustrating. writing it on a laptop with controls i am not used to has been turning me into an angry monster. there was some more i wanted to say. i have been doing some news reading on how the rebates are helping the economy. i will get into that tomorrow. on a desktop.

but moving forward..

598.71 at the start
buck49 spent
597.22 left to go.

the kitty stands at fiddy cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that extra tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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