Thursday, May 29, 2008

the check has arrived or photo op at wachovia on 42nd street foiled by potential bank robbers

so i got a text from the roomie yesterday telling me the check had arrived. this meant that buck64aday starts today... or as soon i can get to the bank and cash it and start spending.

here is the story.

so i squeezed out of work early today to go cash the check. I had all these plans for fun photos of me cashing the check.. and they were all pretty much foiled. but having your plans wrecked for security reasons is just a part of living in nyc.

back to the bank.. i arrived armed with check and camera and walked up to the teller telling him i had a strange request. basically the idea was to get them to take photos with myself and check.. then photos of myself, "the check" and the teller. after that i was going to cash the check and get a big old wad o'green with photos identical to those listed above.

from the bank's floor manager (who was sympathetic) i got the big no.

not even my standing as a 2 decade bank customer got me to where i wanted me to be.... where i wanted you to be.

he thought the blog idea was great but due to security issues wachovia bank does not allow pictures to be taken inside the bank. he was helpful though as he sent me to the newstand outside the bank on 42nd and lex to ask the guy there to take my picture.

the guy at the stand was very helpful and after showing him how to use the picture he took the picture... if you look carefully you can see enrique waving in the backround. he really wanted to help me with my quest. especially after i told him about the blog. when i told all the bank tellers about my idea and how their check really only netted them a buck64aday they were quite enthusiastic about the whole idea. i think one of them said something to the effect (after a little bit of thought) " that's pretty bad.. a buck64?"

so back into the bank check in hand. enrique took the check and put the government goodness right into my "rebate" account.

well most of it.

i took six dollars and 56 cents with me for the next four days.. I am headed out of town for part of the weekend so i figured i might need some dough for the weekend.

i said my goodbyes to all the folks at wachovia-the42nd and lex branch and headed aound the corner to the wachovia atm to withdraw some of my real money.. you know the kind that comes on fridays when the paychecks arrive... got my cash and headed home.

when i got off the train there was a message on my phone...

its from wachovia... the 42nd and lex branch.

it seems i left my bank card in the atm card in the machine. according to the message i have three days to claim it before will be destroyed.

it seems i will be back tomorrow.

i just wish i had set up the website for the blog already. then i would have had some stickers to hand out. i gotta spread the word about the government and their gift to us. gotta spread the word about what it means.

anyway .. i got my money.. now its time to spend spend spend. a buck64aday at a time.

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