Wednesday, May 28, 2008

waiting for the check to arrive...

Many people who work for me have been coming into work all excited about their checks arriving... eyes are alight with the things they are going to buy with their newfound cash and for the most part i don't really blame them.

many of them work very hard for the dough they get and they deserve a little cash freedom. me? i'm still waiting and of course since i am being so sensible with my tax rebate i cannot really get all that excited. i work very hard for my money just like them but in order for me to fulfill my goal of only spending a maximum of $1.64 i need to keep it simple. I have been thinking about this long and hard and really i could use the cash for other things.. i mean really who couldn't. who doesn't want a new tv, a better couch.. a trip on carnival cruise lines the most popular cruise line in the world. everyone.

am i being all high and mighty with this mission? do i hope that people will read it and think about what they have done with their cash and maybe they could have gone a different route? do i hope to give the government a sarcastic look over all this?

of course i do. after all 1.64 don't get you much. not much at all, and i live in new york city. manhattan. a buck64aday pays my power bill one day at a time for a month and that month would be october. thats not much but i am going to get out there and consume.. consume like i never have before. I was never one for frivolously spending cash and for one year it seems like i must. I am determined to see how far i can go. of course you might think..

"well who doesn't spend a buck and change through out the day?"

truth be told not me. I am not one for picking up a paper and a coffee on my way the train. I am the guy who slings back his daily allotment of coffee before he leaves the house and leaves the those cheap ass nyc papers right where they belong.. at the news stand.

I work in the food industry and take my midday meal there as well. I would not call myself frugal as i do like to consume my cigarettes and booze but i dont call these things daily spending as i try to buy in bulk.

now i need to change my way of thinking.. my lifestyle.

stimulating the economy a buck64aday at a time. and i will be helping because i really have not done this before. our nation's economy was not expecting me to chip in but here i am all patriotic and shit to lend it a hand from the BFS.

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