Sunday, June 15, 2008

day 18- don't get burned

the pot holder is possibly on the best inventions ever. here is a small, compact piece of insulated fabric that helps you to pick up hot things from the oven or the stove. there have probably been some sort of pot holders ever since we began cooking on rocks back in the neolithic times. when cloth became available we moved on to using whatever was around.

weaving gave the pot holder a big push as people realized they could make their own pot holders. (remember that weaving set you had as a kid? made a lot of potholders didn't you) these were not just some rag you would grab to keep yourself from getting burned. it was weaved cloth that was to be used only for cooking. now they come in all sorts of varieties. mostly with weird stuff printed on one side, like these hot peppers you see above. i do like the silicone ones cuz they don't have to be dry. i only have a couple pot holders in the house and mostly i use them as trivets. this one will be perfect for pulling the biscuits out of the oven and then holding the cast iron pan while i make the gravy.

next sunday morning is gonna be tasty.

wrapping up.
572.19 at the start
a buck61 spent

the kitty stands at a dime

maximum spending tomorrow
a buck74
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me

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