Wednesday, June 4, 2008

day seven- killing 99.9 percent of germs and poison ivy.

there has been a rash of poison ivy going around this week at the pitt street penthouse and even i am not immune.

usually i am.

last weekend jen and i did some weeding out at the "stugan"-that's swedish for cottage- and jen got some poison ivy. i probably got it as well, but usually it does not affect me and goes away quickly.

she developed the poison ivy spots on her arm.

she asked me what she should use.

I said calamine lotion or some other pink liquid that takes to long to dry, and tends to run down your skin rather than hang out on the infected areas.

i also said to use bleach.

either i am a cheap bastard or just know al about the folk remedies. though bleach is not that folky is it?

i know, i know the doctors say you should never put bleach on your skin. its dangerous and it could make you sick, but calamine lotion is a bit pricey and if you want to shell out for the expensive stuff then your gonna be paying 30 bucks or something.

although i am usually immune to the p.i. this morning i got the itchies on my hand.

there is no way i am going to be getting serious poison ivy rash this weekend. so if to the store to buy the bleach.

i poured it on the infected areas. waited a couple of minutes and the itch was gone. an hour later the splotchy skin parts had disappeared. i washed the rest of the bleach off and then knew that i was going to be able to pee without the fear of being mr. itchy pants for the next week.

with the economy flat and costs going up who's got money for silly rashes on the business.

this brings up a good point that we may be seeing later in the next year. if and when recession hits how are we in america going to pay our medical bills. with so many people in america without medical insurance and those who do are seeing higher co pays, it seems we all might need to step back and think about what we are doing in our lives.

a buck64 is not going to pay my doctor's visit, but is buying me some sense. everyday i am out there reading up and learning more.

what have i learned?

it might not be a good idea to let someone shoot me with a bb gun. just for fun.. just to see how it feels. not even after a few beers. (not that this has happened yet, but it could have)

just remember-the doctor can be expensive and so is the witch doctor. chiropractors, though i hear, are quite reasonable.

on the side- the moon flowers from the first purchase have broken through the soil. my first purchase has taken root so to speak. i just hope they grow fast. the summer is upon us here in the city. its gonna be 90 this weekend. i'd like them to get some growth in before the blistering heat takes hold.

time to go and get the lady to put some bleach on her p.i. or at least try to.

whatever is left i will use on my whites in the laundry. i don't know when i did that last.

wrapping up.
590.84 at the start
a buck1.19 spent
589.65 left to go

the kitty stands at a buck13

maximum spending tomorrow 2buck77

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

ps. the rain washed out our attempts to watch tommy boy for movies on the roof. next week we will try again.

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