Saturday, June 14, 2008

day 17-taking measure

my kitchen on the pitt has never been that organized.

we don't really have anywhere to hang pots and pans, and the storage space is rustic at best. it does not help that there is maybe 6 years of "roomate share" kitchen tools floating around the kitchen. that equals to 10 roomates leaving their kitchen crap.

and me not throwing it out.

in the kitchen, i don't really need much.
the big chef knife is actually the only knife i really need, and the big'un measuring cup will do just fine. for the more nuanced cooking though, i thought it was about time to upgrade myself to some real measuring devices.

you know the kind you don't have to hunt around for in a drawer full of duck sauce, old chopsticks and ancient birthday candles. my kitchen has three drawers. two for pots and pans and one for untensils and whatever other crap anyone (including myself) has decided to throw in there.

we all have a junk drawer. admit it..

you do.

i keep my junk drawer very minimal, but it is still where we keep the utensils. sure they are all in the pre formed utensil shaped holder. the mismatched forks, knives and spoons.. a terrible mix of fancy silver and dollar store crap. somewhere in the middle of that ... i'm sure in between the four wine tools and next to the tiny melon baller(that has never been used) is a "half" tablespoon. i believe all these items are also sitting atop a calculator that doubles as a spanish to english electronic dictionary.

at the core of all this though is that fact that i need some new measuring cups, and some new measuring spoons. the best thing here is that they are combined. i won't have to go chasing around the spoons. after all they are attached to the cups.

its so much easier to just look for one thing in my kitchen.

it would be even easier if i actually went in and cleaned out all the crap.

wrapping up.
574.13 at the start
2buck16 spent

the kitty stands at 7 cents.

maximum spending tomorrow
a buck71
i can spend that much tomorrow.
you can't stop me.

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Catherine said...

The big end of the melon baller is great for scooping out Swedish Oatmeal Cookies before smashing them with a fork. Just remember that come Christmas time. :-)