Friday, July 4, 2008

day 37- a big ole bottle of rye.. or no fireworks are sold in the pioneer valley

happy fourth of july people.

i know you are all out there making preparations for some sleeepin' in, a cookout and some "i'm fine to drive to the fireworks... no really ocifer" driving. that's what america's birthday is all about right? i know there are parades, and some fond remembrance of what this country is.. what it stands for and where we came from, but everywhere you go on the morning of the fourth.. all the hot dogs are gone and the beer selection is down to raspberry lambics and mike's hard lemonade.

today, i headed up with the lady to the pioneer valley of massachusetts for her families weekend of celebration only to find that there is not a single speck of black powder for sale.

very dissapointed.

i made it through though. i "don't have to" set off my own fiery showers with retorts.

I would however prefer to do it myself. no matter how small, the pyro inside of me longs for a big old pile of low class fireworks for me to get my jollies with.

next year america i will not fail. i promise.

instead of the fireworks i did find the largest liquor store in new england, yankee spirits, on main street in sturbridge has more liquor than you can imagine. while it does not have every liquor and wine you could imagine, it is not gonna run out of the major players. i saw a display of 50 bottles of jack daniels. not the little guys. the big ones. the whole gallon jug.

that's crazy.

in nyc, when we head off to the liquor store we say stuff like.

"let me have the 22 dollar bottle of jim beam." we then stuff our money under the the bullet proof window, get our change back and head for home. there is no selection. well not really one to speak of.

yankee spirits had aisles to browse in, fresh popcorn apoppin' and instead of pulling your beer our of the fridge- why not head into the back of the fridge itself where you can pick and choose which case of beer you want. all ice cold. all ready for you.

beware-the temperature drop does make you have to pee. (ok maybe it was just me)

things there were a bit pricy, but i was able to find this little gem of a rye bottle for a buck49. by itself it is not the best thing in the world, but i am on the lookout for a few drops of sweet vermouth to mix it with and then i will have the nicest little manahattan ever.

no manhattan ever tasted as good as when the government bought it for you.

damn straight!

wrapping up
540.09 at the start
a buck49 spent
the kitty stands at 71cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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