Monday, July 14, 2008

day 47-it's the lady's birthday, happy birthday lady!

today is jen's birthday. she is one year older and so i picked up some birthday candles for her. i know it sounds cheap, but what can i get for that girl i love for around a buck64? not a whole hell of a lot i tell you. birthday presents come out of the real bank account, not the days allotment of spending plus the kitty. thanks government.

it was decided by her sister that cupcakes would be the way to go so the "birthday number" of candles was not needed. i am not a fan of the cupcakes for a birthday. i know a lot of people like to have them for the birthday celebrations, but in my mind it alters the feel and speed of a birthday party. the cupcakes are always there. they are on display, easily grabbed one by one until there are only a few left. nyc bar birthdays tend to be situations where people float in and out and so cupcakes are ideal i suppose, but i still think that the cake is the way to go.

birthday cakes are put on the side. there are plates, napkins and candles ready to be set ablaze while people sing and then a bit of blushing embarrassment from the birthday person. all eyes are on them as they lean down to blow out the candles in one big huff.

this is why i like birthday cakes. they bring the party together. the cake is the glue that makes the whole night a party. everyone who is there gathers together (finally) and the small conversational clicks are gone. for at least a few moments the party is together for the express purpose of the birthday.

the cake is not to be touched until the big birthday moment, unlike cupcakes which are nibbled on like a bowl full of cheez-its. often, with the cupcake birthday the singing is totally forgotten, the candles never lit to be blown out.

so when you are getting ready to set up a birthday party for a friend and someone has the "delightfully chiq" idea of cupcakes, think what i have said.

then ponder on this one thought.

human beings are in general selfish beings. while we do like to think of ourselves as not, we are, and we like what we like.

the way we like it. (just ask the king he knows.. then again he is not going to answer... just freak you out a little bit with his big head smiling face thing that he has going on)

we like our coffee with cream.. or black, but it is how we like it.
the same goes for the cake.

personally i am always hoping for the corner piece. there is more icing surface area for me to enjoy. some people want tiny piece, or a piece from the center. you get the picture right?

this our own id surfacing. we spent the entire birthday giving up to that one person.

now it's time for us to take it back.

i'm doing it with the corner piece.
no, no not the piece with the decorative flower on it. i don't like the flower.

i like the icing. lots of icing.

and as little cake as possible please.

how are you going to take it back?

wrapping up
525.13 at the start
a buck18 spent
the kitty stands at a buck 8

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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