Monday, July 28, 2008

day 61-cleaning your hands of it all.

hand sanitzers have become very popular these days, especially here in nyc. you can buy them just about anywhere and they kill just about anything where ever you put it. by anything i mean germs.. viruses.
some people are worried that one day the germs are going to become resistant to sanitizers. this is mostly myth. anything with a high alcohol concentration is going to kill germs. this does not of course stop the germ world from getting together to create there own super germ to kill all the humans in revenge for the sanitzer solution.
i suppose though, that the lack brains and intellect in germs and viruses keeps that possibility down to a minimum, at least for the next couple hundred million years.
nyc is a germaphobe's nightmare. i'm not a germaphobe, but i have ever touched a subway pole that was.. well kind of icky. when you think about the millions of people who are moving all around the city.. touching everything you too might become a germaphobe. all this sneezing, coughing, nose picking and butt scratching in one small place can't be good. throw the human animal's propensity to the touching of ones face (presumably to see if it still there) and you might have a recipe for disaster.
i like to use it for only when i touch something that makes me say.. "gross". apply a little sanitizer to my hands feel the alcohol cool off my skin as i rub my hands together and then i know i can go back to the touching of the face with less fear of catching a communicable.
i wonder what mr. bush will use as his sanitizer as he exits office. wiping his hands clean of yet another venture in his world that is being a bush. it seems that for the fiscal 2009 year we the people are going to be operating with a 482 billion dollar deficit (not including war costs of course). the next mr. president is going to be screwed as are we all.
our two front running candiates have there own proposals.. mccain is going to incease the decifit by 600 billion. obama says he will increase revenue by 800 billion. ok... so we will see what happens down the road with whomever is elected.
even if they both offer to increase revenue, their proposals for national health care are going to sink their lofty goals. so if we want to be like canada we are still going to be screwed.
luckily the housing bill that is about to be passed will raise our deficit ceiling to 10.6trillion. that's up from 9.8trillion. you know... just in case.
hey ... didn't the current administration inherit a surplus?
in 2000 we had budget surplus of 211billion dollars. it was predicted that with fiscal discipline it could reach 1 trillion dollars in 10 years. hmmm..
what happened?
wrapping up
501.61 at the start
a buck29 spent
the kitty stands at 36cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much.
you can't stop me.

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angie said...

I'm totally addicted to this stuff. My 5-year old calls it 'hanitizer'.