Tuesday, July 29, 2008

day 62-scrubbies

the dish sponge... how many do you have hanging out in your kitchen? three? four?

one for washing the glasses, one for scrubbing pots and one for those heavy duty jobs perhaps?

we all have them hanging out around the sink. i know i do. the big problem is knowing when to get rid of them. they seem to stay way past their expiration date around my house, which is expected. we are not the best housekeepers, but we do try to wash our dishes as often as we can.

my philosophy with the old sponges is to just use more soap. in my own mind the soap cleans not only the dishes, but the sponge as well.

after a while the old sponge disappears and a new one is there. hopefully it has a scrubby side. sometimes it doesn't. either way it's a new addition to the house and may be "with us" for a while.

this time i picked up the sponge tab. i did not realize how expensive sponges could be. i was thinking.. "hey, it's time for a new scrubbie. a buck64 has got to cover a good one right?"

wrong. again the buck64aday has foiled me in the big city. i am sure that if i headed out to my local evil wal-mart, i could find a nice dish cleaner for a buck64. not that i would go to the wal-mart for such a thing... or even anything these days, but it seems that the scrubbers are gonna cost me.

a couple of weeks ago i got a dobie scrubber, but that is for heavy duty jobs. we need the everyday scrubber.

best i could do was a dollar store pack of scrubbers that i liken to a kiddie chalk and eraser set. you know the kind. four colors of chalk and a cheap yellow spongy thing that "might" get the mash of colors off the surface.

not the best purchase ever but for a buck08 we got ten scrubbers to go through. i give us a few weeks to go through them.

i pray that one of the other roomies will get us a good one.

wrapping up

500.32 at the start

a buck8 spent

the kitty stands at 92cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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