Sunday, July 27, 2008

day 60- sometimes she needs a new paint job.

it's been a rainy day here in the city. all our plans to go to the beach were foiled, which is probably not the worst thing as people seem to be dying a lot more at the new york city beaches than is normal. it seems the ocean is taking it's due. rip tides are sucking the people out to sea. it's kind of sad when you think about it. you go to the beach to have fun, enjoy the sun and sand. not to be worried that you are going to get sucked under like your in some sort of bad scifi channel saturday horror movie.
personally i am not a fan of the nyc beaches. they are pretty horrendous. too many people all crammed into small swimming areas so that the lifeguards can maintain watch over you. the water is usually a brownish grey which is not all that enticing to me.
neither is the diaper you see floating by in the water.
unless someone pops up from onder the water to find a new hat on their head.
it seems everyone wants to go the beach to have some fun, but no one is paying attention to how their fun is affecting everyone else.
a friend of mine, who was once employed by the dep, warned me that although the water is deemed "safe" by the city, you should think twice about heading into the water at say... coney island. her suggestion was that if any coney island water were to touch any part of your body, then said part of your body would highly benefit a dousing of kerosene. if at all possible it would also be good to light said kerosene and let it burn. this should keep you safe from anything that "might" be in the water.
this keeps me from the beaches in and around the city. the water does get surprisingly better the farther east you go on long island. you really don't have to go far, but coney island is just not going to happen for me. besides getting hot dog and some boardwalk fun-i suggest you stay away.
as for the riptides that seem to be taking people out to sea.. there really should be more education about them. rip tides are not that deadly. they don't suck you out to bermuda, just quite a bit away from the beach. when they suck you out, you are supposed to just let it take you and when the pulling stops you are to swim down the beach a bit then head back. at your leisure.
lastly.. the undertow. if you are sucked under around nyc no one is going to see you. the water is so murky that you could be swimming next to a huge shark and never see it. how is anyone going to see you?
better to just hang on the beach amongst the dried seaweed, the gulls and the cigarette butts. get some sun and enjoy the cool showers that are available. someone is going to walk by and offer you a heinekin. it's going to be cold and appear as if by magic from from your surprise waiter's suitcase, wrapped in newspaper. five bucks and your in heaven.
today's purchase has nothing to with the beach. i had originally planned to scour the beaches for buck64aday purchases that would excite and wow you. sadly i could not do this. instead a little something for the lady. she often has nicely manicured nails, but eventually the "lunchtime manicure" fades, cracks and becomes for her an eyesore. she has often asked me if i had any nail polish remover around the house, to which i have always said "uh.. no." now when she asks i can say, "why of course i do. it's in the bathroom in the secret compartment behind the mirror."
for a buck83 i think many a faded 15dollar manicure can disappear into the paper towel...
or whatever it is she uses to get that stuff off.
i think i will be soon informed that a bag of 99cent cotton balls would compliment the gift quite well.
wrapping up
503.44 at the start
a buck83 spent
the kitty now stands at 1cent
maximum spending tomorrow
a buck65
i can spend that much tomorrow.
you can't stop me.


roxie said...

thanks baby. actually i prefer the paper towels...but i can't say i won't request a 99cent emery board.

Anonymous said...

How totally sweet to help out your lady. Emery boards are really nice, too.

If you come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you can go in the water -- Lake Michigan or Lake Superior, although Lake Superior is cold. (I do not believe you can do it on a buck64aday though.)

tonya5015 said...

oh, that is too sweet. you have taken her needs into your shopping considerations. you are truly a keeper, my firend.! lol