Friday, July 18, 2008

day 51-ice ice baby

it's friday and i am feeling better, which is good since the lady is coming out for the weekend. this means lots of time by the pool, eating some good food and of course getting to hang out with the lady.

it has gotten pretty hot out here. in the 90's or something. i can deal, but those drinks and beer are not going to get all cold by themselves.

for that you need ice. our ice making ability at the stugan is only good for one person in the late fall to winter months so i got this bag 0' ice for 2buck11. that's pretty steep for ice i think. especially since it was made in landing, new jersey. that is right down the road from here. i think no more than 8 miles.

so why am i paying 2 bucks for a bag of ice? i have no idea, but landing is right next to lake musconetcong and that lake is having a serious algae and lake plant issues. the lake is pretty large and is mostly covered in green gook.

i hope that most of the cost came from getting all the green out of the water.

if they say it's transportation costs then i am going to scream.

time to hang out with the lady.

remember, i am on vacation. the mission still stands, but the lady comes first.

wrapping up
519.39 at the start
2buck11 spent
the kitty stands at 92cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me

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