Wednesday, July 30, 2008

day 63-cleaning the air, or ... hot damn i have spent over a hundred dollars.

ahh the stick up. cheap, refreshing and it won't clog up your electric outlets. we all use some sort of air freshener around the house. whether it is one of those squirt-mister things, a "plug in" or potpourri- somewhere around our house we are using something to block out the smell of... well whatever that smell is.

for my house, in the summer, things can get a bit stuffy. as i have said before we live on the sixth floor. just under the roof. the summer heat beats on us and con edison loves us for all we spend to keep ourselves cool and dehumidified.

this can also make the place kind of smelly. not rancid, just sort of smelly. as i smoke in the house that is not helping things one bit. i figured these two stick ups for a buck08 would help the situation out.

i tested out the odor, it's not half bad and if i put just one in the middle of the apartment i think it will keep the pitt penthouse smelling like fresh water all the time.

this is going to be good, though as you know whenever you have visitors an they smell the air freshener they are immediately wondering what smell you are covering up. they might even go look for it.

if you are ever here at the pitt, then just know it is to cover up the stale smell of cigarettes that have long since gone out and maybe some trash that has been cooking over there in the corner.

i do wish that the smell of the cigs was not in the house, and this is really my fault. i have been a smoker for quite some time. what can i say.. i like it. i never meant to get hooked, but somewhere down the road (even with a two year break) i got the monkey on my back. he's a mean monkey.. chattin me up in the morning, before i go to bed and all times in between.

when i lived in greensboro, north carolina smoking was just what people did. now i am here in nyc. i have been here for like six years and i have seen my smokes go from five dollars a pack to the current 9 dollars. ouch!

i can't smoke in bars anymore and for the most part i am the only one of my friends who smoke. it might be time to quit.
the new taxes on a pack of 20 (coffin)g nails are huge. to pay over 8 bucks for a pack is insane in my mind, but still cigarettes are on my mind.

someone told me once that i don't want to wake up one day and realize that i have been smoking for ten years. well dean, i think that day has come and gone. now, i have to really think about what i am doing.

here i am, talking about how i am spending my stimulus package; really poking fun at it. as you look back at what i have purchased and how far my buck64aday is going you see the crunch we are in. i am in. the mission.. it's going to be long and hard, though fun.

so financially cigarettes are a bad, bad idea. spending 50 bucks a week on cigarettes is just terrible. i know if i was back in the warm climes of nc, i would not think about quitting. here in nyc where the taxes on the smoke are outrageous i are thinking. thinking hard.

not to mention that my lung capacity sucks.

i have quit before with the aid of the patch. those things provide some pretty vivid dreams, and as i cannot sadly, afford to smoke i think the lucid dreams will have to make a comeback.

the first few days of the patch suck. this is the challenge. when do i start so i don't go crazy.

i have to figure that out. this blog could become really interesting without nicotine.

though a buck64aday would really help supplement my habit.

should have thought of that before. before i started all this....

also while your down here... today is a milestone. my stimulus package is finally down a hundredbucks. it took 63 days to get here. 63 days to spend 100bucks.

100bucks... that's a night out at the bars in nyc.

wrapping up
499.24 at the start
a buck8spent
the kitty stands at abuck48

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.


Catherine said...

If Karin can stop smoking, so can you!

Anonymous said...

I quit cold turkey after 30 years. I spent 2 years on anti depressants because I messed up my brain with the cigs, but so worth it. Now I just have some weight to lose.

You can be a quitter.

Stefanie said...

You can do it!! Just put them down and don't pick them up again. I quit just over 6 months ago, and I was a hard-core smoker... I'm talking 3 and a half packs a day smoker! Withdrawals sucked, but I'm happier now then ever!