Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 54-latin laundry

for some reason i appear to be spatially challenged with this blog. i assure you that i in no means intend for there to be no spacing btw paragraphs. they are purely accidental and a pain in my ass. if anyone knows what i am doing wrong, then please let me know.

it's the 21st of june and i'm back in the city. the vacation is now over. back to work.

lets not talk about that.

no really. please i just don't want to talk about it.

i did though notice that since i was gone for a week and change ,it was definitely time to give the bedclothes a washing. all that heat and humidity from the past week means its time for some real detergent on the sheets and blankets.

this time i am going with "ariel" (oxi-blue). for a buck61 i think it might do me just right.

or not.

if the first ingredients are "process aids" it's a good thing right?

i should get about eight loads out of it. or if i use the special instructions for guatamala i will get 16 loads. special guatamalan instructions- for small loads use 1/2 cup for every 4.5kg. right there on the label people. it's right there.

do you think that the gsa (general service administration) gave away a bunch of this stuff during their last katrina relief giveaway? if so how many cases was it? 500? valued at perhaps 500,000 dollars?

if you have not heard about this story then check it out. it seems that the gsa over valued a big chunk of unused katrina relief supplies. the error was not that big. something like 60 million bucks. so now 85 million in supplies is really just 18.5 million.

this is that stuff that "never got used" a few years back and was given away by fema to really whom ever wanted it.

hey guys i'm right over here. i could uses a life time supply of toilet paper. i mean, if no one else is going to use it. i know that many areas that we would deem in "need" did originally decline the supplies as they did not know of a need of them.

hello louisiana... your not back up to snuff yet. i would think that handing out free anything around the state would make things a little bit better. is no one paying attention?.

apparently the gsa was not. they are a government bean counting and property management agency. they manage the government and they could not even do the math.

i can see the guy who got stuck with the job of tallying the inventory. maybe he was in the men's room, maybe he was just smoking a bad cigarrette. it was an old one he found in his desk. yeah it might have smelt like weed but really.. he swears it wasn't.

all of a sudden bam. he's transfered out to the fort worth branch to oversee a couple of warehouses. easy enough right? sure. he's off the radar. out in the woods. no one likes to go to the fort worth warehouse. who is going to know if he fudges the numbers right?

apparently fema won't, and the gsa.

and how does 18 grand in toilet paper become 1.5 million. is there a magic wand you can use? i want one of those. i'd be out there on the street selling my toilet paper.


it just seems so odd to me that the agency that was created to run our government agencies and make them more efficient cannot tally up a simple inventory. it's not like the toilet paper was dived up into a thousand pallets, mixed up with cutlery and tents. it was there all by itself.

i know a guy in greensboro, north carolina. he's an audior. he could do it for you. he normally answers to the shareholders, but he might make an exception for the american people.

the other issue i have is that if the gsa did not notice, then why didn't fema notice the gsa not noticin'? notice? i would think that our uber government fema would have. after all they are the ones who are in charge when the u.s. has a major disaster.

for now i have a few points for our man "who might like to like up" out there in fort worth.

big math is not that hard. you just have to think of the big number as a small number. if 80million minus 60million looks to big on paper then try this.

80-60=20. then just put your eggs back in the basket.

then again, you are probably out there managing a fema super secret supply tunnel that runs from new york to chicago. just you and that guy from tulsa who got caught in the bosses office wearing his wife's underpants. the two of you will never see the light of day again.

wrapping up
513.54 at the start
a buck61 spent
the kitty stands at 1cent short of 2bits

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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