Monday, July 21, 2008

day 53-twisterz!!!! this post could be a bit gross.

it's the last day of vacation. jen and i had a great weekend together.
somehow the last three days have felt like an entire week has gone by.
really there is something to be said for doing next to nothing for a few days.
i really don't know whats going on out there in the world other than the tropical storms (those things fascinate me) and that obama is headed out to the middle east.
i know that in the next few days i will be once again absorbed in the absurdity that is our society. i look forward to it.
i do though, wish that this weekend could last a bit longer.
since the lottery has not been my friend (ever) i guess it will be back to work and the hustle and bustle of city life.
tonight jen and i picked up some dinner
and it was alive. alive
two lobsters
from the tank.
i have not actually ever eaten lobster out of the shell before. it was always one of those meals that was for "adults only". us kids got to eat some pizza or something and the rents got to dive into lobster. i don't know why i never tried it before. tonight was the night.
my parents always did let us play with them when we were kids. i'd pick them up and put the belly in my sister's face, she would freak out and someone would tell me to put them back in the bathtub, where i would poke at them with great interest.
kids are sadistic you know?
before i get carried away.
the twisterz. it's new. it's from cheez-it.
they apparently did not do to well. very much on the sale rack and even cheaper with your a&p card. at a buck93 i will be willing to try some cheddar ranch twisterz. wouldn't you?
back to the lobster.
so what do i do with these things?
my folks boiled them and you could hear their little screams in the pot.
jen offered up the idea of grilling.
grilling it was and that means you need to cut them in half.
with a knife.
as they were big lobsters this is going to need a big knife. the good chef's knife that gino sharpened for me all special and deadly.
deadly to the lobster.
so cutting it was. lay mr. lobster down on the board and cut quickly through the cross hatch into the head.. or so the book said.
following the instructions i did just that. he's looking at me and i pushed down with the knife. with a crack, crunch and splatter the head is cut in half. now flip over said lobster and continue the cut all the way down the belly and the tail. right?
this f*&ker is still alive. right through the dome piece. still flailing. continue the cut. still waving at myself and the lady.
right down the belly and through the tail.
everything stops right?
wrong again. i now have two halves of lobster flapping around. i kid you not!
put the lobster under running water to rinse out the heart, liver and etc and i think he likes it.
i did this twice. for two lobsters. they would not die. cut in half all their life parts removed and they were still twitchin'.
now i do understand that if you cut off a chicken's head it will run around for a bit. this is an established fact.
one thing they do not tell you is that you can put 4 halves of lobster in a bowl next to the grill and they will still be twitching. i think they actually liked having olive oil brushed on them.
onto the grill. 30 minutes after the last murder. still moving....
someone might say that i did it wrong. my technique was off.
to them i have to say this.
i cut them i half. through the head. by half i mean i split them do there were an even number of legs on each side. i washed out their life parts, and they were still reminding me that i just killed something.
we got pics.. we got video. i can prove it.
wrapping up.
515.47 at the start
a buck93 spent
the kitty stands at 46cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that tomorrow.
you can't stop me


tonya5015 said...

this is too funny. i am so glad my boss is not here today because i am laughing my ass off at this post. i would love to see the lobster video of horror.

i hope they were tasty.LOL

the bfs said...

we are trying to get the videos up and running.. blogging everyday and all the tech that goes with it can be very time consuming.

glad you are enjoying it.

the lobsters were good.

and fun to eat.