Wednesday, July 9, 2008

day 42- harvest bags.

the summer garden is really springing up here at the pitt. for some reason my computer is not currently seeing my usb ports (probably due to some hurried video conversions for my vacation next week) so no pictures right now, but its up and its green. the peppers and green beans are exploding. the tomatoes are looking huge, but unfortunately are still green so i think i will be waiting another week for the tomato overload. these bags, at a buck51 will help me keep my harvest contained and in control in the cramped kitchen.
i have a lot of hot peppers. more than i can use for just eating so i am going to be pickling some and putting a bunch into various liquors for some extra flavoring. spicy vodka and tequila will be hanging out around my house for sometime to come. barrio chino does this and offer up some really good margaritas. i am going to do the same. if you know me and want some peppers, let me know.
or if you want some pitt tequila come see me in a few weeks when its really ready.
i was checking out the "other" stimulus site and i found this guy... burning his check.
he says he does not want the money. he just wants bush to fix everything. well guy. the money was borrowed and there you are burning the future. if we all followed your example then the economy would be in recession now instead of later this year. i do see your intentions, and the statement you wanted to make, but you could have stuck it to the man with your check in other ways.
600bucks could have paid for a lot of good things. charitable things. you may not have wanted it, but someone else could have used it. now the money is gone and you just look like a jackass. three cheers for you.
wrapping up
531.88 at the start
a buck51 spent
the kitty stands at 76cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spent that much tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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dAve said...

I just received notice that I will be receiving my check around July 11th, regardless of how late I submitted my taxes, or how much money I owe the government. Guess the government really wants us to spend, spend, spend. I'm gonna get me a guitar fixed.