Saturday, July 26, 2008

day 59- peanut butter and chocolate.. mmmmm

mmmm reese's peanut butter cups. i love these things.

usually i stay away from candy. it's just not my thing. i like the sweet stuff, but when it comes to getting my sweet on, i usually go for a cookie or something. during the "candy holidays" most of the candy just sits there and i never finish it, but a snack pack of reese's cups will get sucked down in no time.

they call this thing a snack pack. it's a much better value then picking up a two pack a la carte from the impulse/we can see you so don't shoplift area of your market, but i think the idea is to eat them one at a time...

over a period of time.

this is something i just don't know how to do. kind of like how a ben and jerry's pint is supposed to be just one portion. (really now how is that possible?) i ate six of the eight in one sitting. the lady had one. there is one more left. this one will probably just sit there and not be eaten by me.

years ago, when my uncle worked at hershey, we would get bags and bags of the smaller cups at christmas time. those were the good old days, though since i was just a little kid my candy intake was closely watched by the mom. i did not get to enjoy as much of them as my father did.

nowadays for my candy fix i much more prefer the vosges line of chocolate bars. while not anywhere near the buck64aday range, they are definitely worth shelling out the five or six bucks per bar. the oaxaca is all about hot peppers and chocolate an my personal favorite... mo's bacon bar. think chocolate bar, but instead of having toffee bits or some other specks of goodness inside, think bacon. real applewood smoked bacon. now that's some good stuff.

there should be bacon in everything.

i just wish the bacon bars were cheaper.

wrapping up
505.16 at the start
a buck72 spent
the kitty stands at 20cent

maximum spending tomorrow
a buck84

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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Catherine said...

Bacon + Peanut Butter. Seriously awesome.