Saturday, July 19, 2008

day 52-keeping it cool... forever.

it's just to hot out here. i am about ready to hook up the ac, but i think i will hope for some cool evening breezes to keep the house livable.

jen and i were all about the pool today. the pool and some tanning and then some in the pool cooling off.

the water at vasa park's pool is a bit nicer than most pools. the water comes from a spring, making it quite refreshing. these days the water temperature is somewhere around 73 degrees.


at least it is not 65. that's almost too cold. still on a 90 something degree day you can sit out in the sun for an hour, dip in the pool for ten minutes and be nice and refreshed for another hour. good times.

after all the ice i bought yesterday melted i picked up one of these freezer packs. for a buck81 i can keep things cool for longer, and reuse it.

over and over again.

the kitty seems to be helping out quite a bit these days.

finding useful items for a buck64 in the stix of new jersey can be a bit difficult...

the cold is about gone. it's time to have some dinner and put this freezer pack in the freezer.

maybe tomorrow i use it to cool myself down.


vacation on.

wrapping up
517.21 at the start
a buck81 spent
the kitty stands at 75cent

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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